2013 Fantasy Review

By Fantasy review I dont mean the fantasy books I have read but rather my review as an author.

2013 was actually a good year. Lucky number 13. The number 13 plays an important part in many fantasy author’s lives. Did you know that JK Rowling got published after her 13th submission of the first Harry Potter book. Did you know that Brandon Sanderson got publish after writing his 13th book. Although I never read any of his book I have met the guy at Connecticon 2013 in Hartford Connecticut(my state in USA).

Its kinda scary don’t you think but at the same time it seems to rhyme with the life of a FANTASY AUTHOR.

Not only did my career as a writer started  but it was also a good start. I finished my first fantasy novel Scarlet Quest. I wrote two short stories and got plenty of exposure. I spoke to make good author on twitter. I forgot to mention that I met Michael J Sullivan at Connecticon as well. I got to ask him many question and got a free copy of Theft of Swords.

I got a few sales from Scarlet Quest, which hyped me up to write more stories. The second season of Legend of Korra came out. Yes I watch cartoons and anime. It is part of my inspiration. I learned many things from other others to help me promote my books.

2013 was the beginning of the World of Odealeous. This world that I have had bottled in my mind for so many years. I plan to write tons of books in this one world. The only thing I hope for is that readers don’t get sick of it. The world of Odealeous consist of many different countries and races. It has thousands of years of history. Its own bible. Scarlet Quest was just the first lick of the ice cream. Inside the cone there will be more. I wanted to do this because I have not seen any other author doing this. Writing many books and trilogies in the same world.

I decided to limit my self because I feel as though creating my own world gives me more control and creativity power. Tales Of Lola The Black was written as a sneak peek to one of the most powerful countries in Odealeous. Fall of a Demigod was written as a sneak peek to one of the most mysterious beings in Odealeous. You see, it is all my evil plan.

One last thing of 2013 that was awesome was the “Desolation of Smaug” The Hobbit movie. Two thumbs up I dont care what anyone says. 2013 was also an incredible movie year and lets not forget season 3 of Game of Thrones.

2014 I am ready to take you on.

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