2014 review-my reflection on writing, publishing and fantasy genre

2014 was one of those years where “you are still figuring it out.” Honestly I would say that I have found my self in more than my writing. As I grew and learned, the lore of Odealeous expanded. I went deeply into the history of the world I created. The dragon gods, the pioneer of magic, Prodigus Kollos and his apprentices. I have novels lined up, so I will know what to write once I finish a book.

This is all anticipating Arkemie, which is going to be my Lord Of The Rings.

I learned so much about being an author and what readers need. Being an indie author is not easy but it is very satisfying. I have found pleasure in telling stories and whether I am a bestseller or not I am going to keep writing these stories.

In 2014 I wrote “Rift Of Chaos” my first series.

2014 I finally learned how to connect the stories of my world for the enjoyment of the reader. My writing also improved. My vocabulary improved and I found my self using the right words for my genre.

I also networked with some great fantasy authors such as Ralph E Laitres, Kasper Beumont¬†and Billie Jo Williams. These wonderful authors allowed me to interview them and share interest. The cool thing about being an author is meeting other authors and making friends. Is not just about telling people to “buy my book.”

I learned that is about being a part of the community, giving and adding value. Being an author is lonely and sometimes I forget my manners.

One of the many problems that indie authors have is that they think that they can make fast money by self publishing. Ever since Amanda Hockings made bank in 2011 with the kindle, every writer out there swarmed online to self publish. This cause many authors (including me) to focus less on quality and more on “selling.” While selling important because an author needs to put food on the table and pay bills, the quality of the book is twice as important because that is what readers want.

My book had many errors so I had to proofread it and edit it about three times to perfect it. My readers gave me a lot of feedback, they said my novel promises a good tale but they could not get pass the awful grammar. With the high volume of authors coming in, not only is visibility becoming harder but also quality.

A book cover is SUPER important because it gives the reader a VIEW into the world they are reading. That is why I don’t like to use just fancy text for the cover but rather an image of a character or place.

Having beta reader is important because an author needs feedback so that he or she can hone their craft.

The fantasy genre has blossom beautifully over the years. Author such as Daniel Arenson are bringing in outstanding stories to the bookshelves. Many movie directors now have the technology to create awesome scenes and we all know that the fantasy and scifi genre require a lot of CG. Thank god for the 21th century.

2014 was a good year to hone skills, make better decisions and really know what I want to do and where as I was going with my profession as an author.

Thank you all for reading and sign up to the mailing list for book releases.

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