3 Awesome And Super Nerdy Reality TV Shows You Should Watch

I remember hundreds of years ago, those with great intellect and odd behavior were mistreated, abused and made fun of because of their unique personalities. From the time of great Egypt, the era of the samurai and the witch hunts, those of us with unique and embarrassing yet loving personalities have been tossed to the back and forgotten while the world benefits from our creativity.

However, ever since the age of Aquarius commenced, we are no longer hiding. Now in the age of Aquarius the odd ones called nerds are now ruling the world with their awesome intelligence and creativity and walk the earth among mere mortals. Nerds such as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and countless others have risen and changing the way we live. This is the golden age for being a nerd. 

In fact, nerd is the new cool. So cool that we have our own TV shows. 

Check out these awesome shows dedicated to the passionate nerds of the world. The following shows are no longer on TV however, if you are a nerd of geek I strongly recommend you watch them (if you haven’t that is). 

We live long and prosper. Our community rich and abundant. Our nerd kingdom has risen above many and we will continue to grow strong as the intelligent and creative people that we are, bringing the best to the world around us. 

So here they are. 



Aired in September 24, 2013. 

This was a really cool show. When I first saw I felt like TV was worth watching again. Well…you know what I mean. Years of changing the channels and seeing Jersey Shore all over the place and the Flavor of Luv and and all these reality TV shows, it was about time that at least the nerds got theirs too. 

This show was really fun to watch and as a nerd or geek I think you will connect with the people in the show 

There are some websites out there criticizing the show but I really don’t see what is wrong with it. Much like any other reality TV show its about people being themselves. The people chosen for the show are forced to live in a house together. Like any group of geeks they share their deep love and interest for arts like Star Wars, Pokemon, Comic books and anime. This show is mainly for comic book fans and super hero stuff. If you are expecting to see anime related to anime, well, there is not much of it.

Its comical, full of laughter and you are going to love Andrew, he is the funniest guy. For all you cosplayers you might like Molly. 

This show only ran for one season but I still recommend it. 

King of the nerds


This show is basically a game show for nerds. Unlike Fangasm and other shows, it focuses on challenges. Nerds are tested in their skills both with media and science and math (yuck). 

It takes place in the UK. Sometimes I watch the show just for the accents. A Big Bang Theory live with a bit of male and female drama. 

It aired in January 17, 2013 and finished in 2015 with three awesome seasons. 


Curtis the math nerd
Emily the Star Wards nerd
Yasmeen the Manga nerd
Mark the Trekkie nerd
Hannah  the roleplay nerd
Kerry the gamer nerd
Karen the Doctor nerd
Matt the Trivia nerd
Kenny the cosplay nerd
Ryan the space nerd
Robyn the Harry Potter Nerd

The Quest


If all LARP games were like this, I would travel all over the country to be in a LARP.

For some reason reason not many people have heard of this reality show which shocks me because it was so beautifully done, how could any geek and nerd not love this show. 

The Quest is an actual adventure that take the contestants to another world. And when I say another world, I am talking acres of land set up for this show alone with a castle, yes, a real life castle. Too bad it only had one season. 

The faiths chose the contestants, three lovely goddesses. They must go through challenges to see who is the one true hero

The show aired in July 31, 2014. It only had one season which suck. There is no other nerdy show like it in the world. At least not yet. 

One more thing.

You know I was going to include Heroes Of Cosplay in this list but seeing how much people hated the show I decided to erase the paragraph I had written. I don’t know what was so bad about it, except for the Cosplay drama (the dark side of cosplay). But the over all competition was really cool. 

Leave a comment below if you have any other suggestions you want to make and any other nerdy shows that we might not know of. 

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