A balance warrior

I am all about master. When I want to know something I dig into it. I like to dive deeply into the waters when I really want to know something. I believe that is what mastery is about, whether if is mastery the art of the sword, magic or what ever it is that you are learning. If you play World of Warcraft, at the beginning of the game you have to chose an archetype for your character. Swordsman, thief, black mage, white mage, warlord, knight, paladin, gypsy, dragoon and whatever other types that there are.

I could have gone on with the list. From types that use weapons to those who magic and mystic. The point is. In many RPG games, books and movies, there are groups that are formed for the purpose of having one of each. A little of this and a little of that.

In Lord of the Rings, Legolas is the archer, Aragon the captain swordsman, Gimli wields heavy weapons, Gandalf is the wizard. Same with Final Fantasy games. Each character has specializes in an area of use to the team.

Now I am not so into the big power house characters(depending on the story) but I think that a character that has both swordsman skills and magic goes a long way. It seems that to have one you must let go of the other. You cant be a powerful mage and a skilled swordsman at the same time. Its like saying “well I teach English and Math at ┬áthe University of New York.”

It is almost as if is not cool for a character to have both. WHY NOT? I think that is why I like Sora of Kingdom Hearts so much, because of his variety of skills. I don’t like limitations. My characters are try to be prepared as much as possible.

Auron Fox is that man. Not only is he a skilled swordsman but he has learned water, earth and air magic. Also he can summon creatures from the limbo. He has to a great warrior and a mage to protect the people of his village. Not that he doesn’t share his knowledge but he understands that a man is his greatest asset and the more skills he has the more he can do(thus eliminating limitations). Follow Auron Fox and his band of mercenaries as they save their village .

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