The bird and the worm

I am a control freak. There is nothing worst than being control by someone else. I think that is why my characters are very independent in my stories. I dont enjoy the thought of someone else having control over my life. Slavery still exist in the world somewhat but like it once was hundreds of years ago. The Romans kept slaves that they capture in war and people that were unable to pay their debt became slaves. This is what I call the bird and the worm frame.

The bird soars high in the sky searching for its food. The worm crawls on the ground at the same speed of a snail. What chances does the worm have against a bird diving down to capture it. The worm can only hide from the bird and hope it doesn’t get capture. I have definitely been in the worms side of the story.

Think of a king. A bird is like bird. He looks down upon his subjects and others. Not necessarily in a negative way but he knows the power that he has over others. A king can behead someone by simply commanding his knights or soldiers to do so. The king(the bird) Has many advantages. A worm has  a lot of growing to do. While it hides from the bird it must eat a lot and then sleep in a cocoon so that it can then become a butterfly. Only when the worm becomes a butterfly it gains its true freedom.

My character Auron Fox understands what it is means to be a free man and that few people are truly free in the world. That is why he built his own village with the help of his followers. Auron was a worm growing up. Had it not been for his master, Auron would have been an urchin. Then one day the king tried to take Auron’s freedom. The bird tried to capture the worm.

It sucks being a worm but once you become a butterfly you can see life from a higher view. Auron tried to stay up there. Instead of keeping his head above water, Auron wants to walk on water. The moment you take your eyes off the security of your freedom, the bird will come and snatch you.  Auron refuse to let that happen.

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