AJ Martinez Author Interview On the Fantasy Fiends Podcast

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Sell More Books Show Summit 2018 Review

The Sell More Books Show Summit hosted by Bryan Cohen was really cool. It was an important event that allowed me to meet other authors in the same genre such as, Chris Fox. 

Lindsay Buroker was there as well as Bryan Meeks from Mastering Amazon Ads. 

I flew from Connecticut to Chicago, Illonois for this event and I loved every minute of it. Drinks, food, book talk and much more. 

Going to this event has helped me realized how friendly the author community is. 

In this event Chris Fox stole the show. This is not going to be a long blog post but here are some pictures.

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Sin of Mages Audiobook Is Here

What is up guys. 

I just wanted to let you all know of the Sin of Mages Audiobook. It is available on Amazon, Itunes and Audible. The narrator has done an incredible job. 

You can listen to the 15 minute sample by clicking here

Go to amazon and start listening to Sin of Mages and listen to Tim Hilborne narrate the epic tale click here



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Michael Danteh Dimartino’s Rebel Genius Book Review

If you love Avatar the Last Airbender and Legend of Korra then you will like this new adventure. However, dont expect anything big from this book. Although I like this book I felt as though Dimartino could have gone about it differently and I think that he has the same effect that Tetsuya Nomura is having with Kingdom Hearts. 

Michael Dimartino is mainly a character designer, director and writer. Like most Character designers ( I am guilty of this as well) there is a problem with fitting the character you created with pen and paper and then translating it into words. The writing is always the problem. Tetsuya Nomura is an awesome character designer. He designed Cloud Striffe and pretty much the entire Final Fantasy 7 crew but in Kingdom Hearts 2 the writing sucked( as much as I love the game). 

Rebel Genius is a good book dont get me wrong. I mean its got some great ideas, especially if you are an artist. The Geniuses in the books are these birds with crowns on their heads with a jewel embedded on the crown. The Genius protects the artist and the artist can command his Genius to do certain things, depending on what he creates. Yes they do battle in this book. Is not as exciting as Avatar or Korra but there is action. The battle system (You can tell I am an RPG freak) reminds of Pokemon where the Trainer would command his Pokemon to do certain moves and the Pokemon would do it. Rebel Genius is really creative. I like the idea of the book but the story is a bit cliche yet entertaining. 

The main character is named Giacomo. The names in the book sound very Italian and Spaniard. Dimartino said he drew inspiration from the Renaissance during the Time of Leonardo Da Vinci. But I wonder, why did he choose birds to be geniuses. I think it would have been better if he had chosen different animals to be geniuses and have some diversity other than birds. Again, this book is good and the idea is awesome but I feel as though it could have been better. Maybe I am just saying this because I had big expectations since I am a fan of the Last Airbender. I just dont think that Rebel Geniuses measures up to Avatar and Korra. 

Sorry, Michael Danteh if you are reading this but it is my personal opinion as a fan. 

If you want to read this book then by all means read, you might like it. Just dont expect anything bigger than Avatar the Last Airbender. 

Also if you like reading fantasy then check out my books click here.

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I Am No Longer Writing In The World Of Odealeous

Hello readers

Happy New Years.

2018 is going to be a big year. Kingdom hearts 3 finally coming out. Avengers Infinity Wars. Black Panther movie and a whole lot more dudes. This is so exciting. 

I just wanted to tell you guys something important. For those who read my books, from The Ungifted Elf to Rift of Chaos Trilogy, I am no longer writing in that world. Odealeous was a cool world to write in however, I have been working on a new project and I am really excited to finish it. Rift of Chaos was my first trilogy but and Odealeous was the first world I created. There are some things I wish I could go back and change but its too late now so I am moving on to another world called Ynundaya. The great thing about being an author is that you can always write something new. There are millions of stories to tell. 

That being said, dont get me wrong. If you want to read Rift of Chaos then by all means do it. It now has 73 reviews on amazon and is growing in popularity. However, the main character Akielas was older than all the other characters and I am not going to write another book with the main character in that age. I want to write about younger heroes. People love Tony Stark but I find Peter Parker more interesting and relatable. The problem with older characters is that they are difficult to write at times because adults deal with problems differently than your typical young adult heroes. They also see the world differently and their worries are on  a larger scale. 

I love Akielas and the adventure to save the world was great but its time to move on. 

Hello Ynundaya. 

My new series is called Mage Majin. 

No details on it yet. I will be releasing the cover sometime in 2018. Maybe the spring or summer. 

Also the map will be smaller but with a new twist. 

Thanks for reading and checkout my books at your favorite retailers

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Why Disney Bought Fox For 52.4 Billion Dollars-Its Not Just About The Money

So the big news has been that Disney bought FOX for 52.4 billion dollars. Now that may sound like a lot but to the billionaires of Disney is probably someone who makes six figures a year dropping a hundred dollar bill once in a while. 

Not only has Disney bought many of the rights to Marvel characters but now they can really kick it with the properties that FOX own such as (drum roll please) Deadpool and X-Men of course. 

And that is exactly what this blog post is about. Most people think that Disney is all about money. That they just want to suck out money from all these franchises like Star Wars. Of course, a business purpose is to make money. Capitalism makes the world go round and moves third world countries to first world countries my friends. 

You see much like publishing houses are to authors, movie rights are to media companies like Disney. Forget the money. Its all about the rights. Let me put it this way. Disney wishes that they would have owned the rights to the Harry Potter movies since early 2000. The reason why Wolverine did not make it to the Deadpool movie was because Wolverine was owned by Disney, not FOX. Now with this new merger Disney can go berserk with all these Marvel characters. (thank god they didnt buy DC). 

Also this is also a great move because Disney plans to start their own streaming service that will launch 2018 or 2019. This means that their cartoons such as Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck and teenage movies and shows like Phill of the Future wont be enough to attract a large crowd. They are going to need a large amount of content. YES, content is king. That is why Netflix is investing billions of dollars in 2018 to make more anime and TV shows. Because they know how much nerds like me love some anime. 

Its about subscribers. Forget the DVD sales. That is a short term solution. Ever since the idea of Netflix got started, the best way to keep a customer, is to make them spend a small monthly fee and keep as a customer forever. Trust me, I have been paying $8.99 for Netflix for the last five years. Thats right dudes. Is that serious. DVD sales and merchandise is just some extra change, like a college student working part time at McDonalds so that he can go partying on the weekend. 

So this deal saves Disney, not only a shit load of TIME but also MONEY!….What? But they spend 52.4 billion dollars to buy FOX. 

Yeah, but think about it. Why not own someone else’s content than to spend more money and risk by making your own. Is like buying a buying a house than to build your own. Get it. 

With this decision Disney can spend more time making other decisions on more important things like, how are they going to start using all the content that FOX has (how about remaking that shitty Dragon Ball Evolution movie). 

This is a good decision but then of course we have conspiracy theories saying that Disney is out to take over the world and metaphorically sell sex to children and teens. Hmmmmm, is Jeff Bezos trying to start the Robopocalypse. Will Bill Gates find the cure for cancer or create it?

I dont know about all that but you can expect a lot of good shit from Disney from now own for both Adult and kids. You also have to keep in mind that Disney simply owns FOX, it does not mean that you are going to see the Matrix on the Disney channel. ……

Thank god they dont own the Matrix

Anyways, that is it for now dudes. 

Thank you for reading. 

Dont forget to check out my books click here


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How the Ready Player One movie will popularize LITRPG

Ready Player One will be a freaking hit dudes. Yeah baby.

Watch my video on future predictions


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Justive League Movie Review – Is it better than avengers

Watch my justice league movie review dudes. 

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C. Greenwood Author Interview- Quest of Nine Isles Series

Hell other fantasy readers today we are flying from island to island with C. Greenwood. 

Lets give her a warm welcome. 

You have probably heard of Ms. Greenwood with titles such as Legends of Dimmingwood. I stumbled upon her on amazon and recently she was in one of my group giveaways with other fantasy authors. She has become pretty well known in the indie author world and I am excited to interview her today and get to know her more. 

  1. So your series, Quest of the Nine Isles was released this year. Can you tell us more about it. The world and the magic system and what inspired you to write it?

The Quest of the Nine Isles series was inspired by the legend of Atlantis. I started thinking about the sinking of the island and asked myself, “What would happen if just one person escaped to tell the tale?” Then I threw in some dragons and villains and the story grew naturally from there.


  1. Do you travel to do research for your book or do you use Google and other websites?

I do travel some. A recent trip to England and Scotland gave me a lot of inspiration, as I toured castles and saw ancient Roman ruins up close. A lot of what I saw made its way into the books I wrote last year. But I also do quite a bit of my research online. 


  1. How is Quest of the Nine Isles different from your other books?

This was my first time writing a series set on tropical islands or featuring ships and pirates, so that was a fun and different experience for me.

  1. Do you read LITRPG and what do you think about the genre?

I’m afraid I haven’t read any LitRPG, but some of my friends enjoy reading and writing it.


  1. I would like to know about your journey to becoming a full time writer. The market has become saturated yet it has become possible to make a great living as an author now more than ever. What was your journey like from your first book till now?

The publication of my first indie book was very different from my process today. I basically put that first book out there with no expectations and no idea whether anyone in the world would read or enjoy it. I was fairly sure no one but me would love it. I didn’t have newsletter subscribers, social media followers, or any sort of online presence in the fantasy world. Nowadays, thanks to my wonderful readers, supportive family, and to the writer friends I’ve made over the years, the publishing of each new book is much less scary and solitary.  


  1. What were the major lessons that you learned along the way?

I’ve learned that outlining my books in advance is a major time-saver. Also that writing every day, even on the days when I’m not feeling it, makes all the difference with keeping my ideas flowing and keeping my brain from locking up. It sounds silly but the best preventative I’ve found for writer’s block is to avoid stopping. Once stopped, it’s hard to build momentum again.


  1. Do you see your books becoming either a TV series or Box Office film?

While of course that would be fun, it’s unlikely and not really in my hands, so I don’t think much about it. I keep my focus on what I can control, and that’s always writing the next book.


  1. I read most of your books and love your writing. What advice would you give for someone to get good at writing? 

I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed my books. My best advice for new writers is to approach writing like learning the piano or any other skill. Regular practice is everything. The more novels we write, the better we all get. I’m still growing and discovering new strengths and weaknesses, even after sixteen fantasy novels. 


  1. What books do you have coming up 2017 and 2018?

I’ve wrapped up all my projects for 2017. Sometime in early 2018 I’ll be releasing the fourth and final book in the Quest of the Nine Isles series. After that, the rest of the year is open and undecided. 


  1. What word of advice do you have for writes who are struggling, broke with little to no money for advertising, doubting themselves with family and friends telling them to give up and get a regular job? What advice do you have for these writers and how can they shut the noise around to focus and reach their goal?

That’s always the hardest stage. I know what it’s like, because I struggled for around five years in various types of publishing before finding a foothold through Kindle Direct Publishing. Our profession has a lot of drops and spikes, and in my experience that never fully goes away. The pressure to do more and do it better than ever before will always be there. That’s why it’s important to surround ourselves with encouraging friends who understand the struggle and support the dream. At the same time, writing is such an uncertain business that it’s hard to rely on as a sole source of income, except in the best of times. A bit of the pressure can be reduced by keeping up the day job while writing on the side, at least until book sales have held steady for awhile and some emergency savings are set aside. Beyond that, stubborn perseverance has been a big factor in the success of almost every writer I know. 


Ms. Greenwood thank you so much for stopping by and keep writing fantasy and flying high. 

Check out her books at http://www.cgreenwoodauthor.com/


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Thor Ragnarok Movie Review

Since the first Thor movie, I have not been dissatisfied. Thor has promised to be a fan favorite and despite the predictable Norse Mythology story lines, Marvel makes it worth your time from their perspective. One of the great things about the Thor movies is that we continue to see Thor fall from his godly form back to his human form. Just like in the first movie when Odin kicked Thor out of Asgard to earth and now in Ragnarok when Hella came and took over Ashard. 

It is much more fun to see Thor as a human than a good. I think this movie did a great job in bringing that back from the first movie. 

Now I did not read the comic book so if you want an in dept review with comic book sources then go check out a Youtube channel called Comic Books explained. 

The Good 

So first lets talk about the good stuff about Thor Ragnarok. 

Of course, just like in the trailer, the Hulk is back. As to how the Hulk ended up in that planet full of garbage, I have no idea  and honestly it is not well explained. I think they just wanted to bring back the Hulk so that him and Thor can fight. I know that in the comic book, the Hulk and Thor always fight and there is nothing funny about it like they make it seem in the movie. 

Loki is back of course. Loki is really the down guy. No matter how ahead he always gets, it never ends up well. However, it is always fun to watch Loki tricking Thor again and again. It never gets old. In this movie, Thor and Loki switch positions where Loki makes Thor look like the bad guy. 

Marvel Studios’ THOR: RAGNAROK..L to R: Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) and Bruce Banner/Hulk (Mark Ruffalo)..Ph: Jasin Boland..©Marvel Studios 2017

Hella was an amazing character but it threw me off that she almost had the same power as Loki. They both could summon daggers from nothing. Hella played the child who believes that they are the right heir to the throne. We have seen this in many movies in the fantasy genre as well as historical films like Gladiator. Brothers and sisters always fighting for the throne. I went crazy when Hella destroyed Thor’s hammer. Then of course Thor began to awaken his power of thunder out of no where, whenever he was in trouble. At that point I began to dislike it a little because I am just so use to seeing Thor with his hammer so to see him fight without the hammer feels odd and somewhat awkward. But that is just me. Overall, it was great. The actor who played Hella did a great job. I love evil female villains. It was like watching Rita Repulsa from the Power Rangers, or Bellatrix from Harry Potter or Disney’s Maleficent. 

The diversity in the movie was great. Personally I like to see diversity in movies because, I was raised in America. Seeing a variety of skin colors feels like I am at home. I know that Thor was based of Norse Mythology which is basically…white people history. Dont mean to be racist (I am latino). I think this is one of the things that is bringing a large audience to the Marvel Universe (and DC) is the diversity. We are one and we should use our uniqueness to make a world a better place. 

It was action packed. More action packed than the two previous movies. Hulk fighting Fenrir. Thor unleashing his thunder god powers without his hammer and Loki playing the hero. No match to the avengers movie but pretty darn close.

The Bad

If you know Norse Mythology well enough, it is predictable. You already know of the prophesy but the question is, how is going to happen? This is the part of the movie that I didn’t like. Whenever a prophesy has to be fulfilled takes the joy out of the adventure. Sure it gives the story more purpose but I feel as though its just too cliche. However, it is to be expected in this movie. 

Another thing that began to annoy me in the movie was the constant jokes. Dont get me wrong, humor is necessary but I feel as though they were trying to hard. They were throwing far too many jokes ( corney ones too). They were trying really hard to make it funny and not boring but I think the movie would have been just fine without the constant jokes. I appreciated if they were more serious. 

And that was the worst parts about the movie. Not sure if I would watch this movie again but its worth the $15 movie ticket. 

I give this movie 8 out of 10.

Thank you for reading dudes. 

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