Blood of Mages


Akielas has lost his magic and is now on a journey to recover it. Caim, the demigod, was captured by the Specters. The Specters need one more Cosmo Jewel to be at full power and use the energy of the eclipse to cast their spell upon the world. Hope seems lost and the tri-eclipse is near. 
However, with all the chaos that has happened, there is still light.
A new mage is protecting the last remnant of the dragon gods. The Effeelions who live in the sky lend Akielas their forces. A new weapon is discovered to defeat his enemy. 
Time is running out and Akielas is quickly running out of options. 
The fairy king foretells of the world’s doom.
An old friend returns from beyond Necrovania to give him a helping hand. 
The final battle is here and the Specters must be defeat before the tri-eclipse strips the world of all its magic.




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