No Body Really Teaches You How To Write A Novel

Today I want to talk about a lot of the writing advice out there on the internet as well as writing lessons by “professionals” and schools. Now I am not here to be negative or tell you how you should be writing because honestly, even though I am a publish author. I am still learning.

random_-_004However, there is a philosophy about writing in which one must be aware of in order to write well or should I say to write in a way in which you are pleased. You I can tell give tips and show you writing tricks and techniques but here is the thing about writing. It is an art. Yes, it is an art much like learning how to paint and learning martial arts. Writing is another form of art.

So when I see a book on “How to write a novel.” I scratch my head and ponder “how are you going to teach me to write a story?” That is not to say that there is nothing to learn but to just start writing. There are basic things that a person needs to know in order to write a book such as proper grammar, spelling, punctuation and structure. A good example would be, learning how to paint. You can learn how to paint in college from a teacher. Your teacher will give ideas to improve your painting skills and theories he can show you ways hold the brush so that your strokes will be more elegant.

An english teacher can teach you more words for your vocabulary. An english teacher can give you more tools to improve your writing. A black smith can sharpen your sword so that it can cut better. As far as putting a story together….is a matter of putting everything together. Everything you learn in action.

Then the question comes. How do you put everything together in a novel. The truth is that only you have the right answer. To teach someone to write a novel  is like teaching someone to improve their imagination. Do you see where I am going here.

Novels are a product of the individuals imagination. So everything you learn about writing are just tools so that you can write better. Some might say that George RR Martin is a better writer than Tolkien. Maybe is because Martin probably has a better imagination. Then again, Tolkien is one of the pioneers of fantasy. Ghost-Writing-iStock_000014841485Large

Overall, why am I saying that nobody can teach you to write a novel?Because it is based on experience. Like someone whos been drawing for five years is better than someone who has been drawing for two years. I have seen better artist on the streets than at a college classroom the same way some writers that never went to school can write better than a college english teacher who teaches creative writing, simply because of focus and imagination.

To be a good writer you have keep writing everyday. Practice and improve your vocabulary. To choose your style of writing you need to read books from your favorite authors and see how they write their books and how they use words.

Personally I love George RR Martin but I think that his writing is somewhat dull and lacks poetry. Then I read Daniel Arensons books and in my opinion he writes better than Martin simply because I can feel the passion in his writing and flow of the words are used beautifully.

Writing novels is much like painting. The more you do it. The better you get at it. Its like martial arts. You have to keep practicing to be good at it. Your teacher can only teach you so much. The individual must develop his imagination and from his imagination the beauty of his words will bloom.

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