C. Greenwood Author Interview- Quest of Nine Isles Series

Hell other fantasy readers today we are flying from island to island with C. Greenwood. 

Lets give her a warm welcome. 

You have probably heard of Ms. Greenwood with titles such as Legends of Dimmingwood. I stumbled upon her on amazon and recently she was in one of my group giveaways with other fantasy authors. She has become pretty well known in the indie author world and I am excited to interview her today and get to know her more. 

  1. So your series, Quest of the Nine Isles was released this year. Can you tell us more about it. The world and the magic system and what inspired you to write it?

The Quest of the Nine Isles series was inspired by the legend of Atlantis. I started thinking about the sinking of the island and asked myself, “What would happen if just one person escaped to tell the tale?” Then I threw in some dragons and villains and the story grew naturally from there.


  1. Do you travel to do research for your book or do you use Google and other websites?

I do travel some. A recent trip to England and Scotland gave me a lot of inspiration, as I toured castles and saw ancient Roman ruins up close. A lot of what I saw made its way into the books I wrote last year. But I also do quite a bit of my research online. 


  1. How is Quest of the Nine Isles different from your other books?

This was my first time writing a series set on tropical islands or featuring ships and pirates, so that was a fun and different experience for me.

  1. Do you read LITRPG and what do you think about the genre?

I’m afraid I haven’t read any LitRPG, but some of my friends enjoy reading and writing it.


  1. I would like to know about your journey to becoming a full time writer. The market has become saturated yet it has become possible to make a great living as an author now more than ever. What was your journey like from your first book till now?

The publication of my first indie book was very different from my process today. I basically put that first book out there with no expectations and no idea whether anyone in the world would read or enjoy it. I was fairly sure no one but me would love it. I didn’t have newsletter subscribers, social media followers, or any sort of online presence in the fantasy world. Nowadays, thanks to my wonderful readers, supportive family, and to the writer friends I’ve made over the years, the publishing of each new book is much less scary and solitary.  


  1. What were the major lessons that you learned along the way?

I’ve learned that outlining my books in advance is a major time-saver. Also that writing every day, even on the days when I’m not feeling it, makes all the difference with keeping my ideas flowing and keeping my brain from locking up. It sounds silly but the best preventative I’ve found for writer’s block is to avoid stopping. Once stopped, it’s hard to build momentum again.


  1. Do you see your books becoming either a TV series or Box Office film?

While of course that would be fun, it’s unlikely and not really in my hands, so I don’t think much about it. I keep my focus on what I can control, and that’s always writing the next book.


  1. I read most of your books and love your writing. What advice would you give for someone to get good at writing? 

I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed my books. My best advice for new writers is to approach writing like learning the piano or any other skill. Regular practice is everything. The more novels we write, the better we all get. I’m still growing and discovering new strengths and weaknesses, even after sixteen fantasy novels. 


  1. What books do you have coming up 2017 and 2018?

I’ve wrapped up all my projects for 2017. Sometime in early 2018 I’ll be releasing the fourth and final book in the Quest of the Nine Isles series. After that, the rest of the year is open and undecided. 


  1. What word of advice do you have for writes who are struggling, broke with little to no money for advertising, doubting themselves with family and friends telling them to give up and get a regular job? What advice do you have for these writers and how can they shut the noise around to focus and reach their goal?

That’s always the hardest stage. I know what it’s like, because I struggled for around five years in various types of publishing before finding a foothold through Kindle Direct Publishing. Our profession has a lot of drops and spikes, and in my experience that never fully goes away. The pressure to do more and do it better than ever before will always be there. That’s why it’s important to surround ourselves with encouraging friends who understand the struggle and support the dream. At the same time, writing is such an uncertain business that it’s hard to rely on as a sole source of income, except in the best of times. A bit of the pressure can be reduced by keeping up the day job while writing on the side, at least until book sales have held steady for awhile and some emergency savings are set aside. Beyond that, stubborn perseverance has been a big factor in the success of almost every writer I know. 


Ms. Greenwood thank you so much for stopping by and keep writing fantasy and flying high. 

Check out her books at http://www.cgreenwoodauthor.com/


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