Can a swordsman be a mage?

The cool thing about writing fantasy or even if you are playing an RPG game, is that you get to choose your archetype. A thief, swordsman, mage, dark mage, white mage, a paladin, a healer or whatever else you can think of. People choose the type of “job” inĀ  a fantasy that best suits them. For me it would have to be a twin swordsman. I love swords and I have studied martial arts. Tae Kwon Do and some bushido(Japanese samurai sword).

When it comes to choosing a class in a fantasy setting whether if it is an RPG game or writing a book. I always struggle to choose between a swordsman or a mage. WHY? Because you need both. Lets face it. When steel and armor fail, one must use magic to vanquish one’s enemies. In Lord of the Ring, do you think the fellowship would have been able to stop the fire monsters if Gandalf had not use his magic. “You shall not pass!” and use his staff to break the stone bridge. Sometimes swords and shields aren’t enough.

I am the type of artist that likes to mix things. Because I love both magic and swordsplay, I created a character that can do both. Not just fight with swords and cast unspeakable spells but also have the ability to summon entities from other realms. Do you think it sounds like to much power for one person. Perhaps, but I like to give my characters balance.

Yes there is the magic swords man archtype, however I didn’t want to use that cliche if you know what I mean. Talk about another He-man or a youth destined to pull a sword from a stone. I don’t like to use the “orphan destine for greatness” type of character. Although i love Harry Potter.

This is why I created Auron Fox. He is the leader of a band of mercenaries. He is a master of the sword and mastered three elements of the mystic arts. Not only does he lead the band of the fox but he is also the leader of his his village, Parteh Famo. Auron is always well prepared. So prepared that he invested into learning the arts of summoning. He is a master, an advance magus( as I like to call them) and a great leader. The novel I wrote is called Scarlet Quest. Auron goes on an unpleasant journey overseas to find a remnant of the dragon gods. The king of his country threatens to destroy Auron’s village if he fails his mission.

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