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The 21th century is a great time for super hero movies. Take a look at the Captain America movie from the 1980’s and you will see what I mean. The quality of the movies today as well as their realism leaves you speechless. To be able to fully take the Marvel Universe and bring it to life, it sounds like the greatest thing since Disney first came to be. 

This movie was absolutely breath taking. The plot, the conflict and the fighting in this movie was absolutely stunning. The trauma that the characters were dealing with and it emotionally ripped the Avengers apart. It was like a soap Oprah but hundred times much more entertaining. 


It felt like an Avengers movie however it still kept the importance of Captain America and his friend Bucky. Watching the trailer I wondered why it was a Captain America Movie at all but after watching it, it made perfect sense. 


I must say I feel for Tony Stark as well as Steve Rogers. 

This movie deals with the view points of two men wanting the same thing but approaching it from different perspectives. It almost reflects what is currently happening right now with the political elections in the US. Both parties wanting to do something for humanity yet the approach is like two religions battling against each other mentally until they come to a conclusion which of course ends up hurting both parties. 

At first I thought friendships would be torn apart, especially seeing how Bucky killed Tony Stark’s parents and forever left him scared. I thought Steve was an asshole for defending his friend after what Bucky did to Stark’s parents but the honest truth is that it was not Bucky’s fault. The winter soldier was forced against his will. Bucky was being mind controlled however, Stark was not aware of that and I think even if he did known that he still would want to beat Bucky’s ass. 

What I thought was presidential of this movie was in the very beginning when the Avengers were told that every time they saved the day in various cities, people die all around them. But it is not their fault. Sure people died in New York when Loki brought his minions from another dimension. Sure Ultron was a massive mistake and turned out to be an evil artificial intelligence. However, the Avengers are always there to save the day and they dont really mean to hurt people, it just happened. 

Tony Stark agreed that the Avengers should be no more and he wanted to quit playing the hero and wearing the Iron Man suit. Steve Rogers on the other hand said that it wasnt freedom and wanted to keep the Avengers alive. He understood that they should always be ready when something happens and that yes people die whenever they tried to stop the bad guys but he also tried to save as many people as he can. Shutting down the Avengers would be a bad idea for humanity. captain america civil war

So these two view points collide but it is not their view point that sets them apart but rather the drama in between. I almost forgot that this was a Captain America movie until Bucky came into the picture. 

That guy Baron Zemo was trying to destroy the Avengers from within because he knew that if you can separate men then you can control them. Turn them on each other and your enemy will destroy it self. Thus Sun Tzu’s Art of War. This movie was mainly about Captain America and Tony Stark. Their trauma’s lead them to the decision made in this movie. 

Tony Stark 

Tony Stark dealing with the Trauma of first being captured and put into a cave and forced to work against his will. Then when he tried to escape from that cave in the desert he witnessed the death of a friend in his arms. He then had to fight his way out and kill people that he didn’t really know. He killed for the first time. Then came the Avengers. Stark learned that aliens were real and the destruction of New York left him paranoid. So then he had to prepared for what was to come and created many Iron Man suits (just in case). Tony Stark needs a hug. 

Steve Rogers

Then our friend Steve Rogers who had been fighting for the country since the age of sixteen. Steve always felt out of place and like he never fit in. He was too skinny and weak to be part of the military and when he received an upgrade with a serum that turned him into a super soldier, sure he fought during the war but then lost his friend. He was then found frozen and woke up about 60 years later into the future. Now he really felt like he never fits in because he was in a time that he was not familiar with and had to adapt to the current world technology and life style. The Avengers is all he had and did not want to lose it despite of what he the destruction that they had cause by accident while helping people. 

Both these men mean well. 

Overall quality and story 

This movie is touching. If you have been watching the Marvel Universe movies since the first Iron Man movie then you will feel for the characters. 

Oh and by the way. I didnt realize that Thor and the Hulk were not in the movie. It felt weird not having them as part of the team this time. 

I like how Spiderman was introduced in the movie as well as Antman. They were both the comic relief, one for each team. The only thing that bothered me about Spiderman is that he was 18 years old. I like the Spiderman who worked as a photographer, you know the Toby McGuire Spiderman but hey, time changes. 

I almost forgot to comment on the Black Panther. This character felt as if he did not belong in the story but I guess I can understand why he was added to the story. The Black Panther only wanted to take revenge which I thought was a shallow motivation to fight. He wanted to avenge his father’s death. However, many people request diversity in today’s’ films which is why the Black Panther was added. I will say that the actor did a great job and those vibranium nails was super cool. 

I don’t have many complaints about this movie and I really enjoyed it. 

This is the golden age of films and freedom for artist. Captain America Civil War. Of course the events on this movie will now lead to The Infinity Wars as well as a Black Widow movie (go Scarlet). I am not so hyped about that upcoming Spiderman movie but shit I say why not see how it turns out. 

I give this movie a 9.5 out of 10 (9.5/ 10)

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