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Berserk Anime and Manga- Analyzing Guts in this Dark Anime Fantasy Series

Dare I say the Game of Thrones of Anime. Why? I can hear you say. Well, it is gritty, it is dark fantasy, sure there is so much action and bodies dissected but the dialog is deep. It has a

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The true difference between a Warrior and a Soldier

When we think of the word “warrior” what is the first thing that comes to mind.  A muscular man wearing Greek armor with a double edge sword and a shield ready to dive into battle. Most likely. Thanks to movies,

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Christianity And The Fantasy Of Angels- A Look At The History Of Winged Creatures

If you are an orthodox christian then you might not like this post. However, I am not here to speak negatively of the christian religion but rather talk about the fantasy aspect of these beautiful creatures. Remember that I am

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Fantasy Archetypes- The Paladin-Warrior of light

Here comes the chivalrous. The lawful good under their god or deity. With the power of light they protect themselves and others. The paladin uses white magic to vanish evil, demons, the zombified and the underworld. However, this is not

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