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C. Greenwood Author Interview- Quest of Nine Isles Series

Hell other fantasy readers today we are flying from island to island with C. Greenwood.  Lets give her a warm welcome.  You have probably heard of Ms. Greenwood with titles such as Legends of Dimmingwood. I stumbled upon her on

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Ready Player One By Ernest Cline Book Review- Best Book I Have Read In 2017

Introduction There was a time when being a nerd or geek was a social penalty. You know what I am talking about. If anyone caught you playing Dungeons and Dragons then you were considered a geek and uncool and well…the odds

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Epic Fantasy Box Set Giveaway- 10 Authors One Box

Hello there lovely fantasy readers. I just wanted to let you know of more fantasy books available for free. #epicfantasy #darkfantasy …It is called FURY. Its a multi author fantasy box set with your truly along with 9 other fantasy

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Why I wrote Sin of Mages

I wrote this book in a desperate time in my life. Sin of Mages helped ease the pain. Click here to read it.  Nothing says, “its time to get to work,” like when you lose everything and in fear of

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The man who left the world behind

“So umm….why don’t you want to go back?” she asked. “Because, I seek peace and stability. I cant find neither one where we came from,” I said. “So are you just going to leave your family behind?” She asked me.

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2014 review-my reflection on writing, publishing and fantasy genre

2014 was one of those years where “you are still figuring it out.” Honestly I would say that I have found my self in more than my writing. As I grew and learned, the lore of Odealeous expanded. I went

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ConnectiCon 2014 Review and Experience

  All nerds go to convention. I dont know what kind of nerd doesn’t go honestly. As you all know. I live in the state of Connecticut. Here the biggest convention we call it ConnectiCon. It started off as a

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Why we read fantasy

Here is a poem by George RR Martin on Why we read Fantasy. The best fantasy is written in the language of dreams. It is alive as dreams are alive, more real than real … for a moment at least

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Where there is a fantasy reader there is also an anime fan

Perhaps you haven’t noticed or maybe I am just jumping to stereo typical conclusions but fantasy readers tend to also like Japanese anime. There is a fine line between anime and fantasy and scifi. Dont you think so. I mean

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George RR Martin And His Love Of Death And The Fear Of His Fans

Ok so we are at fault here. Yes when I say we, I do mean every single person that reads Game Of  Thrones. I mean we do buy the books and watch the series. We support the man who does

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