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Sell More Books Show Summit 2018 Review

The Sell More Books Show Summit hosted by Bryan Cohen was really cool. It was an important event that allowed me to meet other authors in the same genre such as, Chris Fox.  Lindsay Buroker was there as well as

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Young Justice – Story Telling With Mass Character Cast

To think that Game of Thrones had too many characters for a story to handle, the creators of Young Justice could not help but to shove all of DC superheroes into one show(one amazing show that is). Even the great

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What I Learned From The Kingdom Hearts Story

Who would have thought that such a story would work? Square Enix of course. The RPG giant thought of this idea when one of their employees was in an elevator with a Disney director in Japan.  That little elevator talk

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What I Learned From Final Fantasy X (10) As A Fantasy Author

When I first played this RPG game in high school, I was blown away.  It was like a pulse or pull mentality. This story lifted my soul. I felt like I was soaring out of my body and literally into

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Free Fantasy Books For Amazon Kindle

Looking for a free fantasy book for your amazon kindle fire? Then you have come to the right page.  But what exactly are you looking? Not just any kind of book. You want to read a fantasy novel that will

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Here it is ladies and gentlemen. The first chapter of Rift of Chaos. Enjoy.   Akielas   Thunder thudded and heavy rain blurred his view. As he rode his silver dragon through the strong wind, he squinted and saw the

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The Tiny House Movement- Hermits and Nomads Come To Life

Just recently I watched a documentary about this movement of Tiny Houses. Now as a fantasy author, I couldn’t think of anything else except Bilbo Baggins or Master Roshi (DBZ fans) on his little island. Talk about living like a

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Three types of fantasy stories

Whether if its a novel, video game, movie or heck even a play. I believe that there are three types of fantasy stories out there. Now these are completely from my perspective. From my own research and experiences. The fantasies

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The Origin Of The Fantasy Genre

Fantasy is written in the language of dreams. It is alive as long as dreams are alive   A beautiful quote from the one and only George RR Martin. Recently I have been thinking about the origin of fantasy. Now

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White magic and holy spells

When we think of white magic what is the first thing that comes to mind. Healing perhaps. What is certain is that white magic is benevolent and used for good selfless reasons while black magic is known for how offensive

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