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Christianity And The Fantasy Of Angels- A Look At The History Of Winged Creatures

If you are an orthodox christian then you might not like this post. However, I am not here to speak negatively of the christian religion but rather talk about the fantasy aspect of these beautiful creatures. Remember that I am

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The Origin Of The Fantasy Genre

Fantasy is written in the language of dreams. It is alive as long as dreams are alive   A beautiful quote from the one and only George RR Martin. Recently I have been thinking about the origin of fantasy. Now

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Unicorns and Pegasus-mythical horses

Before I begin I just want to throw this out there. If you are a brony, sorry I wont be talking about pretty horses with tattoos and illustrations on their butts. Sorry I just couldn’t help my self. No offense

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Mythical Creatures: The Wonders of Elves- Wiki

Such beautiful creatures elves are. Human but with a more divine glow. The pointy ears have a charm to them like a kitten or some kind of furry pet that you want to adore. I love elves. I always use

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