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I Am No Longer Writing In The World Of Odealeous

Hello readers Happy New Years. 2018 is going to be a big year. Kingdom hearts 3 finally coming out. Avengers Infinity Wars. Black Panther movie and a whole lot more dudes. This is so exciting.  I just wanted to tell

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Kindle Unlimited Books – Bigger than most online libraries.

Amazon is really out to take over the world. Not only are they price friendly but now they have the biggest library of books available on the internet. Talk about smashing your competition in half. Amazon has sold more than

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How J.K. Rowling opened an enormous door for fantasy authors.

I did not read all the Harry Potter books. I only read up until book 4(The Goblet of fire). I saw all the movies and learned about all the characters. Potter is an absolute master piece. Feel free to disagree

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Why I gave up all hope with traditional publishing

Lets face it. We all hate rejection. From asking the hot girl out in high school to submitting your  manuscript to a big publishing house. I thought about it many times. It started when I was in the seventh grade.

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An authors beginning-Self publishing venture

When I first heard of the self publishing industry I saw a spark of light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe is because I am so independent. Honestly I always thought that it felt like a 9 to 5

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