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Diversity in Fantasy Fiction Books as well as TV series

When we think of fantasy fiction what do we think about? Elves, dragons, mermaids, warriors wielding a magic sword, knights, kings, queens, heroes, some dark lord trying to take over the land and…..white people?¬† Ooops, I am sorry, did I

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Saitama One Punch Man Power Measurement

Talk about exaggeration. To think that the Dragon Ball Z crew had a hard and all it took this one funny looking character was 100 push ups, 100 sit ups and 100 squats. It is absolutely ridiculous. Now dont get

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3 Awesome And Super Nerdy Reality TV Shows You Should Watch

I remember hundreds of years ago, those with great intellect and odd behavior were mistreated, abused and made fun of because of their unique personalities. From the time of great Egypt, the era of the samurai and the witch hunts,

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Legend Of Korra Season 4 brought a tear to my eyes

Ok so the fourth season of Legend of Korra was really not that great in my opinion. It seems that after every season, Korra became weaker and weaker. I am not sure why the creators decided to go that way.

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Marco Polo Season 1 Review from Odealeous

Honestly speaking I didn’t know much about Marco Polo until I watched this series and I must say WOOOOOOOOOO. (ahem) I am a big fan of Asian culture as well as European. By watching Marco Polo I also learned a

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Naruto Manga ended – what I learned about story telling from Masashi Kishimoto

I have been watching and reading the manga since I was in high school. Naruto has a special place in my heart since I relate so much to the character. I cannot believe that it has ended and now Masashi

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Magi and the kingdom of magic- Review from Odealeous

Although I am a fantasy author, I also watch a lot of Japanese anime. Its all part of nerd culture. I am more manga than comic books. More wands and swords than guns and lasers. Magi and the kingdom of

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what do you get when you mix Game Of Thrones and The Office?

Talk about an artist inspiring other artist. This is what I love about being a nerd. There is magic in every corner. Thank god for fantasy and scifi(What would we do without it). So recently as I am adding people

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The most important characters in Game of Thrones

George RR Martin is know for his cold love of killing characters. My biggest question is why does he kill so many characters and the characters that he does not kill off such as meek little old Sansa, why does

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George RR Martin And His Love Of Death And The Fear Of His Fans

Ok so we are at fault here. Yes when I say we, I do mean every single person that reads Game Of  Thrones. I mean we do buy the books and watch the series. We support the man who does

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