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I Am No Longer Writing In The World Of Odealeous

Hello readers Happy New Years. 2018 is going to be a big year. Kingdom hearts 3 finally coming out. Avengers Infinity Wars. Black Panther movie and a whole lot more dudes. This is so exciting.  I just wanted to tell

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Why I wrote Sin of Mages

I wrote this book in a desperate time in my life. Sin of Mages helped ease the pain. Click here to read it.  Nothing says, “its time to get to work,” like when you lose everything and in fear of

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Diversity in Fantasy Fiction Books as well as TV series

When we think of fantasy fiction what do we think about? Elves, dragons, mermaids, warriors wielding a magic sword, knights, kings, queens, heroes, some dark lord trying to take over the land and…..white people?  Ooops, I am sorry, did I

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The Ungifted Elf New And Improved

the ungifted elf

The Ungifted Elf has been updated. This means less grammar errors and spelling. Everyone loved the story of the exiled Elf. So now you can enjoy it without unpleasant errors that disrupt your reading. Eckxio is my “Zelda.” I think

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fantasy and scifi-just what are they?

The answer is pretty simple for those who are fans of star wars and dungeons and dragons. We use these terms so much that it become more of a cool phrase to use in nerd culture. Like most things that

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No Body Really Teaches You How To Write A Novel

Today I want to talk about a lot of the writing advice out there on the internet as well as writing lessons by “professionals” and schools. Now I am not here to be negative or tell you how you should

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Why we read fantasy

Here is a poem by George RR Martin on Why we read Fantasy. The best fantasy is written in the language of dreams. It is alive as dreams are alive, more real than real … for a moment at least

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That hole

In our everyday lives we try to find things to help us find meaning in our lives. As humans we have made routines for our physical needs. We eat, sleep, have sex and there is that hole that we try

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Fall Of A Demigod Read the first 7 pages of the short stories

Fall Of A Demi God   In the sky over the Kumo Sora Mountains of the Yama country live the Effeelions. Mystical creatures that lived away from society. Their city floated in the sky like a swan on a river.

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Read the first ten pages of “Tales Of Lola The Black”

Reclaiming The Old   In North Alexandria Lola the Black walks through misty woods. She had left Centra the capital of Alexandria two days ago to visit her old master. The one who trained her in the arts of fire.

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