Chappie Movie Review – Absolutely Stunning(Spoiler Alert)

If you have not watched the movie Chappie then do not read this post because there will be spoilers. Unless you don’t care of course then read on.

ChappieWatching the trailer for Chappie I thought it was very interesting. I thought it would be a slow movie that begins from the creation of the robot to the very end of the robot’s existence. However, when I watched the movie I was stunned. The message behind the movie was absolutely stunning. I really felt like looking through my old psychology textbooks from college.

Deon (Dev Panel from Slum Dog Millionaire) is a robotics scientist and coder (whatever you call it) who had created robots program to basically do the job of the police force. He was in charge of the entire robot system and programming. Robots fought crime and captured criminals and because of the them, the crime rate was really low.

Then Deon came up with an incredible idea…creating a consciousness program for a robot. A program that allowed the robot to learn as if it were a child, have its own opinions and be creative. Artificial intelligence. Now of course this has been done before and honestly I felt as though it should have been a Disney movie….oh who am I kidding, the movie is so much better out of Disney’s hands.

It was scary as hell to watch this robot learned “as if it were a baby,” I mean look at a one year old baby (just youtube it) and you might as well put a diaper on this robot. It could imitate human behavior and develop its own ideas….the scary parts that the robot owned the ending so much better than an M Knight Shyamalan movie.

Now because Chappie was in the hands of two criminals, Yolandi and Ninja, he began to learn the life of a criminal. At that moment I realized that the movie it self was demonstrating how easy it is to corrupt a child’s mind. Chappie was doing everything that he was taught to do(while applying his own learned morals) Yes Chappie did hurt people, but he was innocent.

My favorite part of this movie was when Chappie realized that his battery was running out of power (AKA dying) so he had to find a way to recharge his battery or find a new robot body. Chappie learned that he could transfer his consciousness on to another body….Yes he coded his consciousness and transferred it to another body. The philosophy here is….what is consciousness? Can anything that we program have a consciousness, already we have androids. This also reminded me of how Jake Sully In James Cameron’s Avatar, transferred his consciousness on to the Na Vi body. Two movies have shown us a way to transfer our “spirit” or consciousness…shit I don’t eve know what to call it anymore.

My question is, is this something that we can possibly do today with modern science, I mean think about it. We can replace body parts. If your heart is not working we can get you a new one. If your chest is too small, the surgeon can make it bigger. It goes on an on. So will some time in the future, will we be able to transfer our minds or consciousness on to another body or object.

Which leads me to the end of the movie when Chappie transferred his creator’s consciousness (Deon) to a robot. Yes that was the ending of the movie. SPOILERS! hey I told you so didn’t I. This movie has one of the best endings I have ever seen. I am usually disatisfied with endings in movies but this one was a punch in the face.

AJ Martinez gives this movie a 9.5 out of 10

It would have been a total ten if it wasn’t for Hugh Jackman’s role in the movie. Sorry dude but you should stay playing wolverine.

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