ConnectiCon 2014 Review and Experience


IMG_0554All nerds go to convention. I dont know what kind of nerd doesn’t go honestly. As you all know. I live in the state of Connecticut. Here the biggest convention we call it ConnectiCon. It started off as a web comic convention back in early 2007 and 08. But like most conventions it was taken over by Anime fans. Anime does make everything popular. (Especially the cosplayer babes).

IMG_0555I have been going to ConnectiCon for the past three years. For those three years I have seen good panels and good events but this year in 2014 I must say that there weren’t any panels that interest me. Last year in 2013 it was mostly Doctor who panels but this year it seems like many people were running out of ideas.

Remember this is my blog so everything that I write about is from my personal experiences, studies and philosophy. I wanted to see more panels about personal development in the nerd community. More panels about Game of Thrones… More Naruto panels and Kingdom Hearts panels or Final Fantasy.

So as far as panels, there was nothing for me there. Over all it was still a fun convention. The nostalgia critic was there doing a Q&A. My friend got to interview the Nostalgia critic. Walter Jones of the Power Rangers was there doing autographs and taking pictures with fans. (The Black Ranger) I guess he was also promoting the up coming power rangers movie (remake).

I forgot to bring my business cards to promote my books. That was the only thing that I was pretty upset about. I bought a Final IMG_0570Fantasy Art book of Yoshitaka Amano. Awesome dude and a Kingdom Hearts manga.

There were no authors there this year. Last year in 2013 Brandon Sanderson was doing book signings and even did a panel. I actually also got to meet Michael J Sullivan in 2013 which was pretty cool and he gave me a copy of his Theft of Swords novel.

ConnectiCon is well known for its rave party that runs friday and saturday. I went both days and had a blast. WOOOOOOOOO…..

This is a good year with new friends. It makes me proud to be called a nerd.

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