Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes Review

maxresdefaultTalk about evolution. Scifi movies make it seem like it is us humans who will put an end to ourselves. Planet of the apes makes it possible for our pre-evolution to take over the world. Scientist say that humans evolve from apes because we are so similar in body proportion and somewhat in behavior. Although I think the Adam and Eve tale is much more persuading in my opinion.

Planet Of the Apes is of those movies that make you think if its possible. Like when Dawn of the Dead first came out. Everyone was talking about how possible it would be for the zombie apocalypse. That one day scientist will messed up and bring about chaos to the world.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes explores something different than just the apocalypse. The main Ape (did I just say that) Ceasar who was raised by a loving human fell is now living in the forest with his tribe. All apes have been genetically improve to be smarter in this era. Ceasar has both sympathy for apes and humans. I like how in the movie one of his own kind oppose him. Koba was the name of the ape. Only it bothered me a little the fact that the apes could think like humans. They were at the top of the food chain.

I am not sure if you noticed when the apes were in the camp fire but since when do apes eat meat. Hunting for deers, for what? Not for their fur I will tell you that. Although the apes somewhat evolve( with that lab chemical given to Ceasar) I dont think their entire body has change. Yes they are smarter so they can do cognitive activities much better. However, apes eating meat, the directors didn’t do their research I tell you. Even in the old Plant of the apes movie, the apes didn’t eat meat.

According to science, apes eat fruits, nuts, insects and vegetables. That is the only thing that bothered me about the movie.

Other than that it is pretty good. It has a good plot. It showed that just like there are good apes and bad apes. There are good humans and bad humans.

What didn’t make sense to me in the end was when Ceasar said “Humans wont forgive Apes. War will continue.”

Sure humans are mad however if Ceasar was really smart he would not give up on his tribe. He has humans on his side that can help him stop the war and save his tribe.

I guess that is my only complain about the film.

The plot was great and the action was good. I dont want to give away too much so just go watch the movie and you will see.

Rock on nerds!

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