A Deadpool Movie Review All The Way From Odealeous

Ah, love.

What better movie to watch before Valentines day then a lovely Deadpool movie to feel the magnificent love that surrounds us all. You know, the kind of love that makes you laugh even in the most difficult times when you are at the brink of dead and being torture so that you can find the cure to your cancer and return home to your lovely lady and give her the good news….umm…”hey honey, my face is all f*** up.”

deadpool movie reviewWhat I love about Deadpool is that he is the type of guy that will make you laugh even when you feel like dying. He is that one guy you want to be around when you are just about to jump off a bridge and say goodbye to awful thing we call life. 

Deadpool is a great man. He knows the art of enduring hardships and hide his emotions when all hell breaks lose with a good or bad joke that may or may not piss you off and make you wonder if he is actually reliable. 

And now, on to the real review

So after watching the Deadpool movie, I have come to have some compassion for Deadpool. Although I never actually read the comics and knew the whole story of the character, my friends just would not shut up about him. I have always considered Deadpool a parody character. And the thing about AJ and parodies is that….well… I hate them. Look, I am a serious guy (Whether you like to believe it or not) When I turn on the TV (in most cases, Netflix) I want to be entertained by a story with purpose, even if its comedy. I have a hard time watching parodies and yes….even the porn ones. 

I have many friends who goof around on Youtube looking up parody videos and just what I think is immature. To me Deadpool seemed immature at first. Although I love Deadpool’s humor, I hated what he did. He was a time waster and in my head I am always thinking, “dude, would you stop fooling around and get to the story.” If I want to watch a funny movie with almost no plot then I would just watch Kung Pow. 

Despite all the years of me thinking Deadpool was nothing but a good for nothing goof who mimics other characters, I give the Deadpool movie, a 9 out of 10. Yes, you read that correctly. A 9 out of 10. WHY?

Well it had a good story actually. And yes there were some cliches but they were tolerable. I will explain. 

The character

Despite the Breaking Bad storyline of a miserable average guy finding out that he has cancer, the character was well done. Wade Wilson, a former special forces member now a mercenary started out as this mundane person looking for some meaning in life. His happiness came when he met a wonderful woman that changed his life and filled his world with color. When he finds out he has cancer I like the fact that his character does not even think about the cancer itself, instead he just ponders of how he is going to spend the rest of his days with the girl that he loves. This is the human side of Deapool which I like to call his Walter White phase. 


Through the story Wade remains humorous, just finding the funniest things about every situation, refusing to let life dictate “how he should feel.” Even when he was being tortured for the purpose of triggering a possible mutation due to his cancer condition, Wade Wilson remains beyond optimistic. One joke after the other I began to believe that this man was somehow immune to being emotions such as depression and even the ability to cry. 

Finally when Wade becomes Deadpool all his battles are filled with humor and surprise to his enemies. His humor is more powerful than his guns and combat tactics. Anyone can easily get distracted at his humor. 

“Wait, wait wait. You are probably wondering why I wear the red suit. That is so my enemies wont see me bleed. This guy has the right idea though. He is wearing brown pants.”

If there was a Deadpool poetry book, I would surely get it. 

This is why I say I have compassion for Deadpool. He has great resilience and even when you know he wants to put a bullet in his brain he still forces himself to joke around. It seems he has been doing this for so long that his sense of humor is a way to numb himself down so that he wont feel the pain. 

The plot.

Seems like Hollywood is really running out of ideas but then again I didn’t read the comics.  This was a movie about revenge after all and a like all revenge movies, the main character must regain what he lost. For Deadpool, it was his beauty. And what is what makes the movie worth watching. But he wants to regain his good looks again for his girl….Awwww. 

Much like beauty and the beast, Deadpool was shy after his body became all wrinkled and how his best friend described it, “he looks like an aguacado had sex with an older aguacado.” Speaking of Beauty and the Beast dont forget that Disney bought the rights to many Marvel films so its no wonder this story is so magical and filled with love and tacos. 

Here is my question. Why the hell do the bad guys always hide by the dock? It was the same thing in the Ironman 3 movie. I felt like was watching an old Ninja Turles episode. This is where the cliche F**** the movie. It lacked a little bit of creativity but hey, then again, it was all about Deadpool. 

Overall I think we all went to watch the movie to have a good laugh and see the funny guy in the blood red suit kick some ass while taking a bullet up the ass and cut off his own hand to escape. Most of us wont care about the plot so much as long as Deadpool does what he does best and trolls us like a pro. 

What I really like about the movie is much like the comic book, Deadpool talks to the audience. I like it when characters narrate their own story, it creates a deeper connection to the character. And who wouldn’t want to be closer to Deadpool and hope he doesn’t give you a wedgie. 

So there you go dudes. A Deadpool Movie Review all the way from the World of Odealeous. 

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