Why Disney Bought Fox For 52.4 Billion Dollars-Its Not Just About The Money

So the big news has been that Disney bought FOX for 52.4 billion dollars. Now that may sound like a lot but to the billionaires of Disney is probably someone who makes six figures a year dropping a hundred dollar bill once in a while. 

Not only has Disney bought many of the rights to Marvel characters but now they can really kick it with the properties that FOX own such as (drum roll please) Deadpool and X-Men of course. 

And that is exactly what this blog post is about. Most people think that Disney is all about money. That they just want to suck out money from all these franchises like Star Wars. Of course, a business purpose is to make money. Capitalism makes the world go round and moves third world countries to first world countries my friends. 

You see much like publishing houses are to authors, movie rights are to media companies like Disney. Forget the money. Its all about the rights. Let me put it this way. Disney wishes that they would have owned the rights to the Harry Potter movies since early 2000. The reason why Wolverine did not make it to the Deadpool movie was because Wolverine was owned by Disney, not FOX. Now with this new merger Disney can go berserk with all these Marvel characters. (thank god they didnt buy DC). 

Also this is also a great move because Disney plans to start their own streaming service that will launch 2018 or 2019. This means that their cartoons such as Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck and teenage movies and shows like Phill of the Future wont be enough to attract a large crowd. They are going to need a large amount of content. YES, content is king. That is why Netflix is investing billions of dollars in 2018 to make more anime and TV shows. Because they know how much nerds like me love some anime. 

Its about subscribers. Forget the DVD sales. That is a short term solution. Ever since the idea of Netflix got started, the best way to keep a customer, is to make them spend a small monthly fee and keep as a customer forever. Trust me, I have been paying $8.99 for Netflix for the last five years. Thats right dudes. Is that serious. DVD sales and merchandise is just some extra change, like a college student working part time at McDonalds so that he can go partying on the weekend. 

So this deal saves Disney, not only a shit load of TIME but also MONEY!….What? But they spend 52.4 billion dollars to buy FOX. 

Yeah, but think about it. Why not own someone else’s content than to spend more money and risk by making your own. Is like buying a buying a house than to build your own. Get it. 

With this decision Disney can spend more time making other decisions on more important things like, how are they going to start using all the content that FOX has (how about remaking that shitty Dragon Ball Evolution movie). 

This is a good decision but then of course we have conspiracy theories saying that Disney is out to take over the world and metaphorically sell sex to children and teens. Hmmmmm, is Jeff Bezos trying to start the Robopocalypse. Will Bill Gates find the cure for cancer or create it?

I dont know about all that but you can expect a lot of good shit from Disney from now own for both Adult and kids. You also have to keep in mind that Disney simply owns FOX, it does not mean that you are going to see the Matrix on the Disney channel. ……

Thank god they dont own the Matrix

Anyways, that is it for now dudes. 

Thank you for reading. 

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