Disney’s Maleficent Movie The Martinez Review(Spoiler Alert)

Disney is trying to change the idea of princesses and how little girls should look at princesses. Now I am not here to talk about princesses. This is my review of Maleficent as titled. However I want to get this out of the way real quick. Princesses have changed I guess ever since the movie Brave. They are no longer waiting in a castle for their prince in shiny armor (because it doesn’t exist). Disney princesses are now becoming more active than waiting to be saved.


Now to Maleficent. What I love about this movie is that they showed Maleficent before and after. Her youth and her adulthood. Which I think is very important in a story because this is how we connect with the characters. The art was incredible. Her horns were beautifully done. Her wings were an important part of the story and why she became corrupted. I like the fact that she was a fairy, this is the beautiful and magical thing I love about Disney. The magic in the movie was stunning. The effects were beautifully done.

The beginning of the movie had me really entertain and I like how the it started. The human boy whom she fell in love with. Then there is the true love first kiss(cliche) turns out he wasn’t. The young boy whom she found in her land of fairies was not her true love.

Years later after Stefan (the boy) returned. Maleficent forgave him. I found it funny how he took her wings by making her drunk(it was actually some kind of sleeping potion.) The bastard Stefan became king after delivering her wings to the king. Which I thought was a cool plot. Honestly. Afterwards Maleficent became evil and hated men. Funny thing was that she didn’t really hurt anyone.┬áThen again it is Disney.

Maleficent cursed the daughter of the king (Stefan) and then watched her grow up until she was 16 years of age only to find out that she regretted casting that spell.

The story was changed dramatically. From the beginning Maleficent wasn’t really evil just hurt and wanted vengeance. This is very different from the animated Maleficent in Sleeping beauty.

Another element that was change was that she did not turned into a dragon but rather had the power to turn others into animals. She turned a crow into a human which then became her servant.

The prince that was suppose to awaken the Sleeping beauty was unnecessary in my opinion. He was useless and was just there for show in my opinion. He kissed Princess Aurora but nothing happened. Only when Maleficent kissed Aurora on the forehead then the princess woke up which had me wondering. Ok, so cool message but it was not delivered in the best way. I understand what they were trying to say. True love is not what you think it is. Especially when the fairies were trying to convince the prince to kiss Sleeping Aurora.

It was a great story but I didn’t like how many things were deliver. Like when Maleficent was racing to the castle to save the princes. I felt awkward watching it . It was funny too. I like how Maleficent went from good to temporary evil. It was not a bad movie and I will watch it again. And oh yeah I forgot to mention……I LOVE HER CHEEKBONES.

I rate this movie 7/10

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