Dont read Scarlet Quest.

If you have been following my blog long enough and reading my silly post, preventing to be a good marketer then you probably have tried some of my books. As an indie author it can be difficult. Scarlet Quest was my first book. Actually…no…I lied.

My first book was actually Cursed by the Chance. It was about a depressed boy who was possessed by a demon. I hate it. Yes I said it. I hate that book. Dont read it. It was my first book so its not really that great and has many errors. Scarlet Quest was the second book I wrote. I love the story but it has many errors. Its funny, after proofreading five times(seriously) and giving it to a professional, it still had errors. People love the story but the errors are a turn off. I cant say I blame them.

So that is why I dont want you to read Scarlet Quest until all the errors are fixed. Also I am working on my first fantasy series and Auron Fox will be one of the main characters.

Another reason why I dont want you to read Scarlet Quest is because I have made some changes in the world of Odealeous. I no longer us the term “mana” instead I use “maju.” I had to use a term that was compatible with the world it self.

So until all errors and necessary changes have been made, do not read Scarlet but please do try, The Ungifted Elf and Fall Of A Demigod.


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