Epic Fantasy Box Set Giveaway- 10 Authors One Box

Hello there lovely fantasy readers. I just wanted to let you know of more fantasy books available for free. #epicfantasy #darkfantasy …It is called FURY. Its a multi author fantasy box set with your truly along with 9 other fantasy authors. Short stories and full length novels dudes. Check it out. Its about 2000 pages of epic stories. Follow the link to get it >>>>>> https://www.instafreebie.com/free/UJdIL

My book the Ungifted Elf is in the box set. Here are the indie authors. 

  • The Ungifted Elf by A. J. Martinez (epic fantasy)
  • Signs of Portents by Lou Paduano (urban fantasy)
  • Cendrilla by Cordelia Castel (YA fairy-tale)
  • Blaze by Amir Lane (Urban Fantasy)
  • Rise by Devyn Jayse (sword and sorcery)
  • Goddess Awakening by A. Evermore (Visionary Fantasy)
  • Spirit Hunger by Ella J. Smyth (Urban fantasy Romance)
  • Few Are Chosen Mt McGuire (Humour fantasy)
  • The Sword of Tropagia by A. J. Chaudhury (Epic fantasy)
  • A Question of Faith by Nicole Zoltack (YA PNR fantasy)

We are all indie authors wanting to give you the best that we can. All free. 

This Box Set will only be available during June 2017. After that it will be taken down. 

Click here to get the Fury Fantasy Box Set

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