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Fall Of A Demi God


In the sky over the Kumo Sora Mountains of the Yama country live the Effeelions. Mystical creatures that lived away from society. Their city floated in the sky like a swan on a river. Mythologists have said that the Effeelions evolved from elves and that their magic is greater than those of legend. Peaceful creatures of meditation, knowledge seekers, nomadic and could live for hundreds of years. However not many had laid eyes on an Effeelions. They never left their home in the sky and when they did they use their magic and disguise themselves as birds and other feather creatures. They were ghost to the world and they wish to never be seen by anyone. Many have tried to search for their city in the sky but have failed countless times. No one has ever flown high enough or searched the sky long enough to find the mystical city in the sky.

The Effeelions only trusted one person. That one person lives among them. A demigod who had been touched by a star of the night and gifted with cosmic power. A demigod who had been blessed by Aeramus the dragon god of air. The demigod lived in an island that floated next to the grand city of the Effeelions. For fifty years he has live with the lovable creatures. Fifty years as a demigod. Fifty years since he surrendered the mortal life. The night was his and the stars were his. At the very flick of his fingers he could make the stars move and summon a meteor showers down to Odealeous. He could fly riding the winds with no wings on his back. Nothing but his vast mana.

Caim was his name or at least that is the name the Effeelions gave him when Aeramus blessed him and made him immortal. He was the guardian of Kazenolumos, the sky city. He was also part of the Effeelion’s research team called feathered ghost. They travel the world in search of answers that would lead them to the higher spiritual being called Cosmus they seek for so long.

One day Caim woke with only one thought in mind. He planned to leave Kazenolumos for a day and swoop down to the Yama country. In his hut of the floating island he stared out the window at the romantic view of the sun. He ate toricarrots, a vegetable that grows in the farms that floats east of the sky city. As he bit on the burly raw vegetable he thought of her. The human girl of the Yama country. He was eager to see her again after busy months traveling Odealeous with the feathered ghost.

He walked outside of his hut almost naked with only underwear covering his privates. He inhaled and wind began to swirl around his body. Feathers danced around and the wind seemed to bind him. He then exhales and as he releases his breath he became clothed in green, white and yellow colors. He wore a long green tunic embroidered with yellow feather shapes and a white turtleneck underneath. As the winds blow, they filled his large sleeves with air. His pants were green and white. Gravel crunched below his strap sandals. He stretched and yawned loudly and lazily. “Hopefully the elder won’t have any task for me today. Here I come Kairi.” He said as he munched on the toricarrot. He took one final bite and then tosses the remaining aside.

“You should know better than to litter. Caim.” Said a voice to his right.

“I am fertilizing. I was hoping some toricarrot crops begin to grow by my hut’s front yard.” Caim responded without looking at the person.

“You think you are so clever.” Said the Effeelion approaching him from a tree nearby. She walked to Caim. She stood four feet tall with white hair wearing a yellow tunic with large sleeves. Caim looked down at the short Effeelion almost half his size. Her pointy ears were long passed her head. A small nose and eyes big and glary like those of a kitten. “Lanalynn my dear friend. Today I am off duty. Please come back tomorrow. If there are any tasks for me then leave a note on my door and hope the wind does not blow it away.”

“Your sense of humor is annoying Caim.” Lanalynn told the demigod.

“The morning is still young Lanalynn. Swiftly tell me why you’re visiting. I have things I like to do today.” Caim said as he yawns and digs his knuckles in his eyes.

“Elder Nehushine wishes to speak to you.” Answered Lanalynn solemnly.

“Oh I see. A lecture. In that case please do leave a note on my door. Thank you and have a good day.” With those last words Caim levitate off the grass as if gravity had no effect on him. He began to fly away from his hut and leave the floating island. “Caim listen to me!” Lanalynn yelled before Caim flew any farther. He was just dozens of feet away from her and over the trees that circled around his hut.

“Hurry it up now.” Caim said impatiently.

“What if I tell you that you are in trouble with the council of seven.” Lanalynn hopes to catch Caim’s attention a bit longer. The demigod had a short attention span and lost interest rather quickly.

“Don’t be silly. If I had done anything that would upset the council than Nehushine would be the one knocking on my door.” Caim responded and quickly flew away from the island. He flew high in the open sky. Clouds below formed a field of white like snow and through the openings in the cloud, Caim could see the Yama country. To his right floated Kazenolumos. It was made of marvel as well as other rare stones, gold and a white heavenly steel the Effeelions called zeustous. It was built in three sections in the shape of a pyramid. Inside each section lived thousands of Effeelions and at the very top resided the leaders of the race called the council of seven whom Caim worked with. The sight of it was never boring and its gold embroidery on the walls glitter in the sunlight.

Caim loved it so much. As much as he loves flying. He then took his mind off the city and onto the Yama country below. He dived like an eagle falling on its prey. Head down first and the wind whistling over his ears. He closed his eyes until he was below the clouds and on the vast skies of Odealeous. The country seems small from up high, like looking at a map on a turquoise table.

His palms wide open by his hips. He unleashed a blast of air that applied more force on his fall. He spun playfully as he fell from the sky, like a child dizzying himself. As he got closer he began to see the Kumo Sora Mountains of the Yama country. The person who waited for him lived in a valley near those mountains. The mountains were named after the Effeelions although no human other than Caim saw the evolved elves. It’s been fifty years since he called himself a human. A part of him misses the mortal life for personal reasons, however his mind was set. Today he flew down to have a little “fun.”

He began to ease his fall once he was at the level of the mountains. To the east was the Yumeh River and south of the Kumo Sora Mountains was Yumemaru Town where he would meet her. The town was built in a valley. Green hills sloped on the town. As he began to fly over the city he shifted into a hawk. His body shrank into a feathered creature. He shrieked as a bird and flew over the city. Once he saw the border of the city he dived down into an alley where no one can see him shift and stood as a human again. He did not want any attention from the town’s people.

He walked through the alley, stone walls to his left and right. He turned right at an intersection and then sprinted down the cobbled street. The people were energetic and the town was always busy. It was not the first time Caim had visited Yumemaru town. He had been visiting this one person for six months. It is not much but as a demi god perhaps I can make up for the time I lost, he thought as he ran pass a group of people wearing pointy hats hauling water on their shoulders. Soon he reached the border of the town where she was waiting by the town entrance.

There she stood. She was beautiful. Narrow dark eyes and her hair was as black as a raven. Her skin was pale like vanilla. She wore what the people of the Yama country called a Kimono. It was green with flowers illustrations swirling up. Her sleeves were large much like the ones of Caim’s tunic. Her long hair cascade on her back and rested on her shoulders. She smiled when she saw him running towards her.

“Did you miss me?” He asked her staring into her narrow lovely dark eyes.

“How could I not miss you? I dreamt of your white hair.” She told him. Caim blushed and stroke his white hair. His hair was similar to the Effeelions. It was part of his gift from Aeramus. He embraced her and she pressed her face into his chest. They kissed deeply and long to savor all the days that they have been away from each other. It seemed like months had passed since they last held each other closely but it had only been seven days.

They held hands and walked away from the town and onto the fields of rice. They walked on a path between the crops of rice. Caim could not take his eyes off her. She was beautiful but that is not the only thing that drew him towards her. He had seen many beautiful things in his travels throughout the world but she was like a rare glowing jewel he found at the bottom of a river. Kairi was her name. A name he thought about every day. His only fear was that his Effeelion friends and the council in Kazenolumos would find out about her.

“What is it?” She asked. Her voice so gentle it could melt butter.

“Nothing just thinking about this place.” He answered.

“You’ve lived here before?” She asked. He looked up at the sky remembering the days of his youth when he once lived in Yumemaru town as a human. “Yes” he said. “Once when I was young. I lived here alone for many years. Then I left to become a monk in the mountains.”

“Why you never told me that. How long ago was this?” She asked him and he looked away again. He was afraid she would see the lies in his eyes. How could she see such things? I am a demigod, he told himself. She cannot see into my soul unless I allow her. He was aware of his abilities as a demigod. He was only half or a quarter of what an ideal god would be like. He was immortal and could not die as simple as a human would.

“It was only about five years ago. I don’t remember everything.” He quickly answered and held her hand. She gently pulled his hand away and stopped on the path. She grabbed his face and stared into his lavender eyes. “You told me that you were from the east of Yama. Are you lying to me?”

“No! Good dragon gods. I am not lying.” He said. If he was still human he would be nervous by now. “I lived in Yumemaru town for five years then I became a monk in the mountains. However, before all of that I was living in a village, east of the capital.”

“I don’t like liars.” She said and he turned his cheek. “Look at me” she told him and turned his face towards her. “Why are you lying to me?” She asked suspiciously.

“I am not lying. It is just complicated.” Caim answers and place his hands on his waist. “Why does that matter so much?”

“It has been six months and I have enjoy being with you.” She said and caresses his cheek. “Yet I feel as though there is something I am not seeing clearly.”

“With time you will know. I promise you. It is not easy to explain.” Caim frowned. They touched foreheads with closed eyes and kissed.

“I have never asked you this but where are your mother and father?” Kairi asked again eagerly. She had never seen Caim accompanied by anyone. It was usually the two of them and then they would part ways at dusk.

“I never knew my parents” Caim simply answered. He could not stare at her after that question. It brought lonely memories.

“I am sorry. I didn’t mean to…” Kairi could not finish her sentence.

“Do not worry.” Caim said and kissed her again. They continued walking through the field of rice on a dirt path. They walked far away from Yumemaru town. Caim took Kairi to a river after the farmlands of the village. Tall oak trees and bushes cast large shadows over them, hoping that no one from the village would spot them. They jumped in the water nude and swam in the warm river. They dived deep and hugged and watched fishes of all sorts of colors swimming by. Their bodies pressed and Caim entered her and kissed her. She dug her nails in his back and bit him. They went up to the surface and Caim took her on top of a large smooth rock. When they were done, they sat by the river bank. There was no one around in the area of the river so for the moment it was safe there. They got dress and rested under a cherry blossom tree. The pink leaves fell on them as they converse about the first time they meet.

“Why is your hair white?” Kairi asked him resting her head on his chest.

“I had told you before. I was born like this.” He answered. “My hair has always been white. I have always been different.”

“The first time we meet I thought you were old. It was funny. I used to make fun of you.” Kairi caress his face. Gently rubbing and kissing him. I am not sure how long this will last but I will cherish every moment. Oh Kairi why couldn’t I find you before, Caim could only ponder. She was eighteen years old and daughter of a wealthy man in Yumemaru town. Although he was a demigod, he still had humanly desires. He longed for such intimacy in his human life. Now seems to be the perfect time after so many decades. Still he was not sure how to tell her what he truly is. He could not simply break the oath he had with the Effeelions and start a life with Kairi as he so fantasized.

“Caim, why did you stop being a monk?” Kairi asked innocently. Such questions of his old days bothered him but he could not ignore her. He only hopes that one day he won’t have to cut off his tongue.

“One day they told me that I did not meet their criteria. Monks are very detached from earthy things and one day I did something that was unacceptable for them.” Caim explained.

“What did you do?” Kairi asked.

“I fell in love. Monks are not allowed to fall in love. Their only love is the spiritual life and their dedication to the gods and goddesses.”

Kairi’s eyes soften. They kissed again and continued talking about each other’s life until dusk came. It was time for Kairi to leave. “I told my mother that I would be with my friends by the river. I had promised to be home by dusk” Kairi explained.

“Understood.” Caim responded. This is how it usually was whenever he came to see her. Time stood still whenever they were together. But when twilight came and the sun painted the sky with red and orange, the clock ticked again and they went their separate ways. Caim stood up; ready to walk Kairi back to the town but then he saw a figure hovering over the river. If he was a human he would have been greatly frighten and disturbed. Kairi shrieked and hid behind Caim. She shuddered and stepped farther away from the river. Caim stood his ground and stared at the figure that hovered over the river. It had a white mask with a triangle opening for the left eye and an “X” slashed on the area of the mouth. He saw the eye blink inside the mask. That was when Caim realized it was a person. Whoever it was they were clad in black. His or her cape ruffled in the wind. It was like looking at a crow standing on a tree branch. It made one feel dead as if one’s life was withering.

“Who are you?” Caim shouted at the stranger in black. The stranger in black did not reply. The stranger flew away. It was odd for Caim. The stranger flew effortless with no wings. Caim sensed no mana from the stranger so he was not sure if they were using air magic. He was the only one that he knew that could fly in such a way. Only him and the Effeelions.

“What was that?” Kairi asked with a shaky frightened voice.

“I don’t know but it looks like it has no interest in us.” Caim said and placed his hand over her waist. “Come on. Let’s take you home.” Caim walked Kairi home, making sure that she arrives home before nightfall.

They parted ways by the entrance of Yumemaru town. Caim watched her walk away. There was something about her departure that he enjoyed. It was not her beauty that put him at ease. Her narrow dark eyes, smooth pale skin like vanilla and long raven black hair. It was not her beauty. It was the bliss she helped him gain. The warmth he felt in his chest holding her hand. The tenderness of their togetherness. The love he never experienced before he became a demigod kissed by the stars and blessed by the Aeramus. The day felt long with her by his side and the stars were beginning to shine in the night. It was a fun day reliving my human life, Caim said to himself. Relishing all that his powers were able to help him acquire.

Caim ran to the field of rice. He ran far away from Yumemaru town and surveyed the area making sure no one was around to see him jet off the ground. His vast mana carried him high up in the sky, rapidly. He flew until he was as high as the mountains. Caim paused and spun to take one last look at the town below. Lantern lights illuminated the streets. He pictured himself with her one last time. He had promised her that he would return to Yumemaru town within seven days.

The wind swirled around him, binding him and he blasted up towards Kazenolumos. Through a large opening in the clouds he saw the stars shining. He ascended and spun creating a twister of clouds. Beyond the sky the stars dance as Caim spun. They moved and shined in a circular motion like a glittering whirlpool. It was his cosmic power causing the stars to sway. He was in such a blissful mood that he could call upon a comet if he desired. He swooped in and out of the clouds. He dived through the wetness of the clouds and rested on them like a field of sheep wool. He watched the stars dancing above and they formed the body of Kairi in her Kimono. If only it could last forever, he thought dreamingly. But she is mortal like I once was. Maybe I can convert her. He fantasized about the possibilities. He had the power. He knew he could. It was only a matter of him taking action upon his desires. I think I can turn her into a demigod like me.

He snapped out of his day dream and blasted towards Kazenolumos. The city’s gold shines with moonlight. The city had a barrier. It was like a bubble and it protected the sanctuary. No one could see its glass like wall except in the sunlight. Caim flew gently through, making sure it did not trigger any alarms. It only worked on unknown folks who might threaten the city. No one but the Effeelions and Caim were allowed.

Caim flew towards the island east of the floating city. He descended down and gusted the trees. Down below he saw them. Three members of the council of seven and Lanalynn stood outside his hut. What in Odealeous could they want at this time of day? He thought unpleasantly. When his feet touched the ground he paced towards them. Nehushine stroked his triangular long beard that cascaded down his chin. He was the head of the council of seven. He was five hundred and ten years old. The three members of the council wore turtleneck robes with swirling illustrations on them. Nehushine was clad in orange and the two females Areira and Kazemee wore green and blue.

“Had a splendid day I see.” Nehushine commented.

“Indeed.” Caim replied and crossed his arms with a smile. “I hope you are not here to ruin it my good lord.”

“Now why would I want to do that? Unless the guardian of Kazenolumos was up to no good of course.” Nehushine said. His eyes were icy and thin. He stared at Caim suspiciously.

“Dear council. You block the path to my hut. So do you have a surprise for me?” Caim asked sarcastically. “If not, then I invite you inside for a cup of tea… Actually on second thought I am rather tire. I think I will go to sleep.”

“Sorry to burst your air bubble Caim.” Said Areira from Nehushine’s left. She had brown hair. Her face was sharp with small lips. “We know about you and that human girl.”

If Caim was a mortal man as he was five decades ago then he would have been sweating. His heart would have been hammering his chest. At that moment he felt none of those things but he could not lie to the council. “This is a really sensitive topic. How about if we discuss this tomorrow? I am tire and would like to go to sleep please.” Caim had a lot of freedom in Kazenolumos. He tried to dodge the conversation and wanted to hide in his hut or runaway.

“You think of yourself so highly that you believe we are easily fooled?” Asked Kazemee who was clad in blue. She had tan skin and her eyes shined a gold yellow with strands of black hair over them. Caim always found her annoying.

“Technically, yes I do. We do live in the clouds after all. We are like gods for the humans below. Need I remind you?” Replied the demigod.

“Caim. Demigods don’t feel tire. Your body does not need rest unless you actually want to.” Kazemee gave Caim no place to hide. She always broke his verbal defenses and his jokes fogged right through her. Blast her, Caim thought. Of course demigods don’t feel tire. What a stupid excuse.  

“Lord Nehushine, you have never told me why this chestnut is part of the council.” Caim mocked the tan Effeelion. She snarled at him like a cat but it only made Caim laugh.

“That is not for you to judge demigod.” Nehushine said. “Meet us at the third level tower and we shall speak about you and this human girl you have been mingling with. This is an order. You will be scanned by the council of seven. This is a very serious case. ”

Caim felt foolish. He thought he was hiding it rather well. Unless someone had spied on him while he was away. Who could have known where he was or what he was doing? Caim looked at his friend Lanalynn who hide behind the three council members. Caim stared at her as she peeked from behind Lady Kazemee. “Lanalynn were you spying on me?” He asked poised and tranquil. The Effeelion frowned and stared at the ground ashamed for being a tattle tale.

“I started to get worry and didn’t know what to do? So I spoke to the council about it first.” Lanalynn confessed. “Forgive me Caim but you know we are not supposed to affiliate with humans in such a way. Why did you fall in love with that human?”

“My dear Lanalynn.” Nehushine interrupted. “Do not apologize. You were right to report Caim. We are all concern. As much as I dislike getting into your personal business Caim this is something that can affect us all. Meet us at the third level tower immediately.” Nehushine demanded Caim. Not forcefully but with duty as a father would. The Effeelions were gentle people. They disliked confrontations. However when such serious matters occurred they always tried to solve the problem immediately. Their priority was peace and love in their sanctuary.

The three council members and Lanalynn walked away. Kazemee stuck her tongue out at Caim. He winced. The four Effeelions took flight. Their air magic levitated them off the ground and they took off towards the city. Caim sighed and kicked the dirt feeling a bit frustrated. I can’t blame Lanalynn for this, he thought. This is my fault and yet I devoted my life for the Effeelions. For the air dragon god. I assist the feathered ghosts in hunting down information throughout the world. I thought a little happiness would not hurt anyone. I know the law of this kingdom. I know my duty. I only ask for a little mortal bliss.

Caim was willing to take full responsibility for his actions. However he was not willing to let go of Kairi. He kicked off the ground and blasted towards the third level tower of Kazenolumos. He ascended higher in the vast sky of the night. He looked at the colossal columns that held the second level over the first level and third level above. The wind whipped and lashed his body as he jetted towards the third level. A tower rose and at the very top of the tower was the dome of the council of seven. He entered through the window. With a loud thump he landed in a kneeling pose. Everyone in the room became disturbed at his dynamic entrance.

“Must you always make such a flamboyant appearance?” Nehushine asked sitting in a hemispheric platform. Among him sat the council of seven. They all sat crossed legged. To the right sat Tortori an Effeelion with a big beard and bushy eye brows. Then Tweng, a white hair Effeelion and next to him sat Kazemee the tan female Effeelion that Caim calls a chestnut. In the center Nehushine sat stroking his triangular long white beard that cascaded from his chin. To Nehushine’s left sat Areira then the twins Nova Linda and Nova Luna. The twins dressed similarly. Their clothes contained many feathers that gave a peak shape to their shoulders and waist.

They all stared at him solemnly for the demigod was highly respected yet at times they would compare him to a child. The Effeelions were no taller than four feet. Caim was nearly six feet tall. They had long pointy ears, small noses like cats and air magic that could summon twisters throughout Odealeous. Caim loved them. He listened to the council of seven and learned the knowledge they have acquired throughout centuries. Although his magic and powers were of a demigod, his mind was very human like. He understood the differences between himself and the Effeelions. Hardly ever would there be any trouble, quarrels or drama. However, this day was different.

Caim eyeballed the council of seven. He looked up and noticed the blurry moons in the mosaic ceiling of the dome. Since the council now knew of his secret, Caim knew that many things will change for him.

“Demigod Caim.” Nehushine began. “We have summoned you here today because we disapprove your activities down in the Yama country. You are endangering us by associating yourself with this human.”

“Yes Lord Nehushine. Explain to me how I am bringing doom upon Kazenolumos.” Caim debated. “What scrolls have you read that speak of demigods falling in love with humans and bringing doom to the people of the sky?”

“Settle down good god of the stars.” Nehushine waved his hand gesturing Caim to lower his voice. The long bearded Effeelion then looked across the crescent platform at the twins, Nova Linda and Nova Luna. “Novas. Can you please read Caim’s vow to the Effeelions and to the dragon god of air.”

The twins lifted a scrolled that lied between them. They opened it up together horizontally each holding a side of the scroll. The paper was brown and the pommel of the scroll was golden. Caim remembered that scroll yet he showed no expression towards it. The twins read the scroll together.

I Caim blessed with air magic by Aeramus himself swear to protect the city of Kazenolumos. I will wed no woman of Odealeous or have offsprings. I vow to be on the path to enter the realm of Cosmus with the Effeelions. The realm of the highest enlighten beings.  I vow to hunt for information throughout Odealeous with the feathered ghosts’ team. My duty is to the people Kazenolumos and the goal of the Effeelions. Our purpose is to one day enter the realm of Cosmus and discover true and everlasting enlightenment. We are ghost to humanity. We are high beings who evolved from elves and the elves that evolved from humans. I make this vow and swear to Aeramus to do my duties.

Demigod Caim.

The twins then rolled back the scroll. Nehushine continued to stroke his beard staring at Caim. The demigod scratched his head and dug his pinky finger in his ear as if he wasn’t listening. Nehushine nodded his head disappointed. “Why oh why were you chosen by the air dragon god?” Nehushine asked the divine.

“When you have an answer for that question please knock on my door and let me know.” Caim remarked.

“What do you have to say about you vow to the Effeelions?” Asked Tortori who was a friend of Caim.

“Are you hoping I say something idiotic Lord Tortori?” Caim said with a cocky tone.


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