Fantasy Author Interview- Kasper Beaumont- On the evolution of fantasy

Today I have Kasper Beaumont exploring the fantasy genre and joining me here in the god realm of the world of Odealeous. Kasper, please have a seat and gaze down at the continents of Odealeous. We are also going to be talking about Ms. Kasper’s book, Hunter of Reloria and now lets dive into the questions.

1.       As a fantasy author how do you see the genre evolving?
We certainly live in interesting times.  Many traditional publishers are favoring the longer tomes these days like the Game of HQ 35Thrones type novels. I think they believe that readers are looking for greater quantity, but for me, it’s the quality that is important, irrespective of word count.  This trend of mammoth books has been widely taken up among the fantasy authors too.  Then there are the smaller books aimed at the younger readers such as the Harry Potter and Hunger Games type of books.  I would suggest that my novels fall more into this field – marketed to the younger readers, but with the substance and quality to have a broad appeal.  
Of course, the world of self-publishing these days means that you can choose whatever size and format you wish for a book, but it still needs to be a quality work to engage readers.

2.       Do you think that authors such as Tolkien and Rowling took a religious beating and open the doors for fantasy authors such as you?
I wouldn’t term it a ‘religious beating’ as such, but they do serve to bring the fantasy genre to the attention of the general public.  Being a dragon writer myself, I’m dying to see how the Dragonriders of Pern will translate to the big screen.

3.       Do you go Larping?
Not officially.  I’m more of a plug-in kinda role player these days, love a bit of Warcraft.  I do however, enjoy donning the medieval gear for our annual re-enactment tournament.  

4.       Psychologically speaking, Why do you think people read fantasy? 
In my opinion, the world is too serious and ordered these days.  People are looking for a way to escape the rat-race and get back to our more primitive instincts.  In fantasy you create your own rules, so it gives the freedom to explore different laws of nature and society.  Personally, I read fantasy for the dragons, pure and simple.

Elven-Jewel-Cover-medium (1)5.       Your book series The Hunters of Reloria is really cool. What would you say inspired you to write it? And do you have tools you keep with you to write your book?
I think a life-long passion for fantasy and medieval themes was the general reason.  Specifically, I had a dream about halflings bonded to fairies and wanted to explore their relationship.  What would happen if one was injured? – The other would feel it too and the fairy could use its magic to heal the halfling.  
I probably should keep more tools than I do.  I have a glossary of characters to keep track of them all, but I could be more organised with my timeline, for sure.

6.       Do you think fantasy authors have a psychic ability to see into other worlds?
Not me…just an overactive imagination.  I must say, though, that some author’s world-building is so incredible, you would swear they have been there.  I’m a big fan of the Na’vi world from the Avatar movie, such incredible world building.

7.       George RR Martin says that the worlds of fantasy are written in the language of dreams. How would you say you write fantasy. What is the first step you take in to writing it? 
I’m very much a ‘fly by the seat of my pants’ author.  If I come up with an idea I like, I will find a way to include it in the books.  My work is character-driven.  I tend to develop the characters first and come up with plots and schemes to include them.  Giants Cyclops with ocular laser beams aren’t your everyday epic fantasy characters, but I find a way to make them work in Reloria.  I do have overall goals, but like to follow my instincts in general.

8.       Do you think that a lot of fantasy whether if its books or movies and shows, is getting more and more violent and sexual?
Some.  It depends where you look.  I quite like watching Adventure Time with the family, which is PG.  GoT, Supernatural and True Blood certainly push the envelope in the amount of M-rated themes the viewers will tolerate.  While I appreciate many of the fantasy elements in these shows, I certainly do not enjoy the violence or sadism.  It is interesting to see how the Hobbit movies have added so much action which wasn’t in the original book.  
I guess the good thing about being a member of the Fantasy Sci-Fi Network is that my work has been critically reviewed as being suitable for a PG13 audience.  This gives parents and children alike, the reassurance of suitability for a broad audience.

9.       Do you think scifi is more popular than fantasy or are they equal?
It’s like comparing apples with pears, or romance with mystery.  Sci-fi and fantasy will always exist and good writing will always be Golden Dragon croppopular.  There is such a diverse body of work and such a variety in readers’ tastes that there is room for both.

10.   I have been exploring the topic of sex thanks to Game of Thrones. What is your outlook on sex in fantasy stories?
Nothing wrong with exploring.  I think there is certainly a market for it and some like it hot.  Just remember to market it appropriately so as not to shock any young readers.  I have no problem writing teen friendly books where there is romance, but no gratuity.

11.   Do you put yourself in your books? If so then how?
There’s a piece of myself in most of my characters, although I haven’t had the Peter Jackson experience of being in my own movie cameos as yet.  I can certainly relate to many of the characters, from the shy and awkward romance moments of the teenagers to the gleeful humor of the dwarves and the fiery relationship in the new Dragon’s Revenge book.

12.   What is your favorite author so far?  
I try not to stick to just one, but tend to go through phases.  I’ve had a Tolkien phase as a teenager, David Eddings, Wilbur Smith, Bryce Courtnay, Clive Cussler, J.K. Rowling… there really are too many to mention.  In recent times, I have read fantasy, paranormal and sci-fi for myself and a plethora a great children’s books with my family.  I love the Hairy Maclary series by Lynley Dodd.

13.   What  is your favorite movie and why?
The Lord of the Rings or Star Wars.  It’s so hard to choose just one.  I have grown up as a big Star Wars fans and love all the wacky fan events and spin offs.  The Lord of The Rings is special because of the detail and rich history in both the story and the film-making.  Working at Weta Workshop would be the ultimate job for me.

14.   You could be any fictional character in any movie, who would it be and why?
Thor.  No question on that one.  He’s a hunk; he can fly; and he’s a superhero.  

15.   What would you tell people out there who want to write fantasy?
I would tell them to dream big and go for it.  Write what you love and enjoy what you do.  Come up with an original idea and work hard on your world building.
It is difficult to make a career as an author, especially these days with so much competition, so expect a few reality checks along the way.  Publishers are innundated with requests, so don’t expect a million dollar contract for your first book.  

SO there you go everyone. Thank you so much Kasper for joining me here in the god realm of Odealeous. Check out Kasper’s books everyone, Hunters of Reloria.

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