Where there is a fantasy reader there is also an anime fan

Perhaps you haven’t noticed or maybe I am just jumping to stereo typical conclusions but fantasy readers tend to also like Japanese anime. There is a fine line between anime and fantasy and scifi. Dont you think so. I mean really. Most anime have nothing but scifi and fantasy in it.

Because I am a anime fan as well as a fantasy lover, I look at those of the same interest and it always comes down to it. Whenever I go to an anime convention there tends to be many anime fans who love reading fantasy. Now us fantasy lovers are usually into RPG games(Skyrium and Final Fantasy anyone). Fighting games like Street Fighter and Adventure games as well. These demographics also move towards fantasy and scifi anime, which then move into reading fantasy novels and comic books. Now it doesn’t always follow this order. Some start with Dungeons and dragons and move on to other nerd categories.

Art from deviant art by Radittz

Art from deviant art by Radittz

The Japanese love fantasy. In fact, their very culture consist of many fantasy creatures. In the Japanese “medieval” times, many of them truly believe that such things existed. For those who watch the anime Naruto, back then some Japanese really believe that foxes have magical powers. I think that is why the Japanese add so many fantasy elements to their anime. Reality is boring. Fantasy adds a spark that lifts the soul, like soaring through the sky.

Fantasy gives us a feeling very similar to sex. These is ecstasy and euphoria. There is something old and true in fantasy that speaks to something deep within us. When you have sex you feel full and liberated like all your dreams can come true and everything is going to be fine. Fantasy gives us that stimuli as well. That is why so many people like it. Thanks to Tolkien, George RR Martin and JK Rowling. They took the beating so that things like magic could no longer be something that the christian churches could crucify us for.

That is not to say that staying in fantasy all the time is healthy but it give us a chance to escape and that is why anime is so much more popular and vast with its creativity (I wont even go into American cartoons).

Where there is a fantasy reader there is also an anime fan. What are you into?

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