Fathers without a crown

I lost my father at the age of eleven. Growing up was difficult for me and my father did not leave much behind for my protection and security. It is true when people say that children hold the future. Looking back at my past I now know why.

What do children do when they don’t have a father? They search for one. I searched for mentors and big brothers. I found father figures in books and movies. Good father figures I found in movies were Maximus Decimus from Gladiator. Ned Stark from Game of Thrones. Dumbledore from Harry Potter. Gandalf from Lord of the Ring could have made a great father but he chose not to. I looked up to these powerful fictional characters and learned more from them than actual people in real life.

I went from mentor through mentor. Learning from one father figure after the other. I was raised by women. My grandmother, stepmother and my aunt. Now I know what you are thinking. This guy must be very feminine. NO! Just because you were raised by women does not make you a feminine guy. Perhaps sensitive but nothing further than that.

Thinking about Arya from Game of Thrones. After her father Ned Stark died she was basically alone and surrounded in a male dominated world. There is something about alone that triggers a survival instinct deep within us. When you have nothing, you have to be creative to survive.

Anyways after learning from so many mentors in my life I came to a conclusion as to what good father is like. That is why I created Auron Fox from my novel Scarlet Quest. Auron Fox is how I picture a father at home. Set in a world inspired by medieval history. Auron does what every father does. Work to put food on the table. Sometimes a father will do things that are “out of line” to put food on the table, like Walter White from Breaking Bad.

When a father is desperate to support his family he stresses because he is worry that his children wont eat and his wife will yell at him. Not only that but when the father has to go to work and deal with his boss (the king) The only place he feels like he is the king is when he is at home.

A father puts his family and his people before himself. Auron thinks about his family and his village from morning to nightfall. Odysseus the king of Ithaca did not want to leave his home to fight in the Trojan war. He did not want to leave his wife. If did not get to see his son grow up. Auron Fox went through something similar except he fought his way through with his sword, magic and mystics of invocation . I think Auron Fox is a true father who would die to protect his family and his village. Misunderstood for the choices he makes for his own people.

Auron Fox in the novel, Scarlet Quest is the leader of a famous mercenary band. For so long he live hidden in the outskirts of his country. He wanted to keep his peopleĀ  and his family from the harsh world that the dynasty of his king had created.

If you are an epic fantasy I believe you will enjoy this heart pounding story.

scarlet quest front cover

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