Fire Magic -Pyromancy symbol.

magic circle fire symbol brandedThe picture to the left is a magic circle for fire magic. Mainly used to summon Eedahlans(summoning spirit) from the limbo. In many RPG games and fantasy books and movies, fire is the first type of spell that it is seen. You could say that fire is the easiest of spells to learn. The protagonist usually starts knowing only fire and then he moves on to learn other elemental magic like water, earth and wind.

In the world of Odealeous many people use the magic circle above to summon creatures from another realm or to cast an extremely powerful spell ( usually harmful to the user). In my novel Scarlet Quest, Auron Fox, although he is the main character, he is weak against fire for innate reasons. The magus must fuse his maju(mana) with fire or convert it into fire. Your innate maju must be able to handle the heat.

Fire magic or as Akielas calls it in Odealeous, pyromancy, not only does it summon fire but it can also heal flesh wounds like the tears of a phoenix. Only by obtaining the mark of fire can one.

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