Fire signs- magic and gemstones

They say that if you don’t believe in magic it will never happen to you in real life. But what is magic exactly?

In the real world I guess it doesn’t happen exactly like in the movies and books(otherwise there would be a school for wizards).

magic circle fire symbol brandedAs a fantasy author, I love studying the traits of elements. I do believe that we are all born with a natural element. I am an air sign, Libra. Air the element of spirituality and freedom( as said in the Last Airbender:) any fans). However today we will be talking about the element of fire. Aggressiveness, power and energy.

The three fire signs in the zodiac are Leo, Aries and Sagittarius. Fire is both creative and destructive. What we use to heat our houses and keep warm in the winter. Unlike other elements, fire does not exist in the world like the other elements. We can feel the air everyday, we feel the earth everyday, we drink water everyday but in order for fire to take its physical form, it must consume. That is the nature of fire. Ever when it seems to be standing still, it is consuming something (air). If you ever watch the Japanese anime Naruto, Sasuke’s narute is fire while Naturo’s naruto is wind. These two characters are compatible by nature.

In many RPG games have you ever realize that fire is the first type of spell that you learn. In Final Fantasy the black mage always starts with fire as their beginner element. Although it might be the easiest to learn it is very powerful and can cause extreme damage.  Fire is will power and energy. People with a fire personality tend to be the center of attention, extroverted and sexual too.

In my books I use fire a lot. The characters that can cast fire are usually very aggressive sometimes hard headed and the first o attack. In Scarlet Quest, Oseth is a fire user and he is always either looking for a fight or in one. Not to say that these personality traits are always aggressive. People with fire personalities will bring joy and music into your life. They will make you laugh and take you on an adventure.element_fire

  Here a some things that correspond to the element of fire.

Direction: South

Energy type: Projective

Basic nature: Purifying, destructive, cleansing, energetic, sexual, forceful,

Color: red

Places: deserts, volcanoes, kitchens, bedrooms(for sex), athletic fields, saunas,

Season: summer

Stones: rubys, garnets(any redish stones)

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