For the love of witches

When we think of magic one of the first few things that pops into our heads is the idea of witches. We always relate magic to witches. Thanks to Tolkien and Rowling magic is no longer this idea of curses. Magic is now safe to talk about even in religious places like churches thanks to Harry Potter( Much love to you JK Rowling). Witches have become really cool in todays media, movies, art, models and even fashion. I was raised by many women so the topic of witches have always interest me.

Out of all the magical archetypes in the fantasy genre. Dark witches have fascinated me the most. For some reason when ever I want to create a female character who uses magic I always want them to be dark at first. There is something luring about the goth look that activates the lust in me. I love goth fashion although I dont wear much of it, I enjoy drawing it and those who wear it.

Most of my past girlfriends have also been goth as well or lovers of the fashion. Characters like Olivia from Bettlejuice and Morticia Adams from the Adams Family have always caught my attention. Now I am not a true lover of vampires but the pale skin, the corset, the black dress, the long black raven hair has haunted me in my dreams.

There is a saying that goes like this “if the devil was a human, he would be a beautiful woman attractive woman.” Gothic girls are truly desirable( at least for me) for those who enjoy things that are artistic and dark. Being a guy that loves heavy metal, goth music like Nightwish, Emily Autumn(I consider her goth)Lacuna Coil, I see it as a way of life. ┬áBeing a witch is a way of life. It does not mean you are dark. Clad in black is but a choice of fashion.

Having dark powers does not make you a dark person unless you choose to walk that path. Which then leads me to asking. What is darkness? That is what I thought when I wrote Lola The Black. A short story about a girl with dark magic. Have you notice that in many tv shows, movies, books and especially anime, so called dark characters turn to assist the protagonist in their path of light.

Lola is my idea of a sexy witch. She is like the goth chick I haven’t dated yet (A little weird for me to say). George RR Martin said “You know I have always consider women to be people.” Yes I am a man but I believe in girl power. The thought of women having FREEDOM in this world puts a smile on my face.

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