George RR Martin And His Love Of Death And The Fear Of His Fans

Ok so we are at fault here. Yes when I say we, I do mean every single person that reads Game Of  Thrones. I mean we do buy the books and watch the series. We support the man who does not hold back on our favorite character. George RR Martin takes pleasure into making you feel pain and  feeds on your fears. Of course I am exaggerating but what I mean is that Martin has a sick sense of humor.

Simultaneously, what makes Game of Thrones is all the deaths and the anticipation. We are driven by our fear of what is going to happen to our favorite characters. If George kills Tyrion I swear I will stop watching Game Of Thrones. Then again I have a feeling George wont kill off Tyrion. He seems to be his favorite

2011 Winter TCA Tour - Day 3I am not sure what motivates George to kill off so many characters. I always thought that killing off too many of the fans favorites would actually drive the fans away. Is it a marketing tactic that George has or is it just his sick and twisted way of story telling. There will be very few that Martin will keep alive such as Jon Snow and Deanearys. Everyone in between has a clock ticking with the grim reaper by its side.

Even my self as a writer I kill characters (fictionally speaking) but I don’t kill off every potential fan favorite. I think there are certain characters that must eventually die however I also have to think about, how will the story carry on without those characters. That is the most important part. If I murder Bob then how will Susan get to the mountain by her self and survive.

I have also noticed a pattern George RR Martin tend to kill characters that have almost no purpose. The Hound for example(spoiler alert). When the hound died I then thought, “he has contribute so much to the story but at the same time he does not have much of a background.” Think about Oberyn. He was a pretty cool character and it was cool having him around however, was he a critical enough as a character that if he were to die the story would not carry on. Oberyn just wanted revenge.

I could understand Joffrey’s death. It was necessary however Martin allowed Joffrey to live for three books (seasons). If he sees that you hate the character he will keep him around.

We have long invested into this tale. A song of ice and fire. A tale of kings trying to take over a throne and conquer the seven kingdoms. The more emotionally invested we are into the tale the happier Martin is as he continues to torture our minds and continues to kill of potential heroes. I guess Martin does not believe in heroes. I can understand, I do like anti-heroes my self.

Until the day of the final book. George RR Martin will forever enjoy our emotional investment.

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