Guardians of the Galaxy- Review from Odealeous

Warning! This review contains spoilers.

guardians of the galaxy dudesHow marvel stories collide. So let me put it this way. Avengers was an amazing movie. It was action packed and heck I dare say I watched it more than twice. However, Guardians of the Galaxy has something that many of the marvel movies don’t have(especially you Tony Stark).  You actually feel for the characters in Guardians of the Galaxy. You fall in love with the characters and they steel your heart. Its not just that Star Lord has witty comebacks one after the other but its because of their transparency and the element of Kevin Bacon mentioned(that last one was a joke.)

I like the way that the characters meet and join forces. They were all against each other in the beginning. Gamora trying to take the orb from Star Lord and Rocket and Groot trying to capture him for the bounty on his head. Rocket is my favorite character in there. Now remember that I didn’t read the comic book. I am judging the movie based on the directors form of the story.

I found it hilarious how Rocket was the only one who understood Groot. I have never seen a plant humanoid in scifi before. Rocket got the best lines in the movie much like Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones. That shows how much of an important character he is. A science experiment with not so long of a life span. Escape prison about 30 times (if I am not mistaken). The entire movie he was just worry about his money which is a concern for all mercenaries.

Drax the destroyer was pure masculinity. “I am not a princes.” The only thing that bothered me is that his side of the story was kind of weak and cliche and was not used in the most innovative way. All he wanted was his revenge on Ronan. He was driven by revenge while everyone else had a treasure hunter mindset. guardians-galaxy-650-430

Now for the green babe, Gamora. Zoe Saldana is Puerto Rican, Dominican Mama. She went from a blue alien to a green one. Both deadly and sexy as hell. Her part in the story was the most interesting I would say since she is the adopted daughter of Thanos. She was aggressive and I like how her femininity came out as Star- Lord introduced her to the magic of dancing.


I love how they introduced the movie with Star Lord playing 80’s music and dancing. It didn’t feel like you were watching a movie. I think the element of the 80’s music and Star Lord unable to let go of his mother, it deepen the relationship between the viewer and the character.

The story moved smoothly. The past of each character was not shown but they did speak of it. The fact that Star Lord was everyone’s target made it that much more funny and enjoyable. Except Groot he just had really cool plant powers.

The whole storyline around the orb was interesting. A stone that could destroy planets. What bothered me was how quickly its powers were used. When Star Lord used it, it seemed to happen rather quickly.

Although I found Drax’s story weak, it was needed so that the team could face Ronan. Without Drax they would have never faced guardians-galaxy-movie-previewDrax, it was a useful device.

I like the fact that they show Thanos. I really felt the connection between the marvel movies. There is definitely going to be a second part of the movie.

And the crowds favorite character is Rocket. Everyone’s favorite racoon.

Also I think Ramora has the hots for Star Lord. I like movies like this because it brings out the humanity in the characters. That is why Guardians of the Galaxy is so far more loved than Avengers. It has a great story rather than all action an explosives.

Movie Score: 9 out of 10

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