Hayao Miyazaki and reincarnation

The lovable Japanese animation film director and artist. Hayao has stolen the heart of not only Disney fans but also adults and throughout the world. Miyazaki’s style of story telling has always had a sense of wonder and subtly to it. From Mononoke to Ponyo. Mostly known as a family friendly animation film creator.

hayao miyazakiNone of this titles have beaten Spirited Away or Princess Mononoke. These two titles I dare say are eternal. Like most pioneers Hayao inspired many artist and his early films made anime popular in North America.

But today we are going to talk about the reincarnation within the worlds of Studio Ghibli. Perhaps I am not the only who has noticed this but there character Haku from Spirited away seems to continually show up again in the worlds of Miyazaki. I can see a lot of Haku in Howl’s Moving Castle the same way I see Chihiro in Kiki’s delivery service.

You can also say that Nausica is a reincarnation of Mononoke. They are both fierce woman, nature lovers and animal lovers. They are both trying to fight off the corruption of humans from the forest. Nausica flies on her glider and Mononoke rides on her wolves. Nausica of the Valley of the Wind, was released first in the 1980’s and Princess Mononoke in 1997. The same story is being told in a different body. Re-watch the film and you will feel the similarities between these two characters. Although one is more aggressive than the other, they ┬álive for the same purpose.

There is also a spiritual connection between Spirited Away’s Chihiro, Sophie from Howl’s Moving Castle, and Kiki from Kiki’s delivery service. These young girls always get caught up in an adventure and usually there is a boy involve. They also work hard and are always going house chores or cleaning.(ever notice) Not just that but there is always flight in the films. Something very spiritual. Now studying astrology I do know that Japan is ruled by the sign of Libra and Aquarius which are both air signs in astrology. Air is a dominant element in Japan and you can see it in their culture. Is not just Hayao and Studio Ghibli but many other animation studios and manga artist in Japan have traits of this element.

Much like how Final Fantasy uses the same summons in every game, Studio Ghibli uses the same spirit when creating a new character for their movies from previous films. Final fantasy also has a character name Cid in every game. It is like a reincarnation of the previous character when you play the new game.

I hope this article has entertained you or inspired you in some way. Yes I do believe in reincarnation. After all I do consider my self more Buddhist than Christian and more a Mystic.

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