A heroic black sheep

I was reading an article in Fantasy-faction.com. It was talking about “the chosen one” and just the title by itself made me laugh. When I think of the chosen one the first thing that comes to mind is Neo from the Matrix. It makes me think of how to be the chosen one means to be special and when I say special it does not necessarily mean that everyone likes you. In fact many times the “chosen one” has many flaws.

Think of Harry Potter for a moment. Harry Potter’s life sucks. Many of us would not want to be in Harry’s shoes ( nothing against the character himself). It makes you think, “thank god I am not an orphan.” But that poor person without parents, living in a small storage room, made all the difference.

The hero is usually a black sheep. The one no one ever thought would mount to anything or that one that seems to have all the odds against him. If you ever watch the Japanese anime, Naruto, again he is an orphan. Episode by episode Naruto grows stronger and gains respect and people start to follow him as he develops. Then there is Sasuke, the cool one that everyone likes, who actually turns to the dark side.

The hero in the story or the “chosen one,” is commonly given a difficult life. If prophecy says that he is suppose to save humanity or change the world, why should his life be easy. It would make sense. If the hero’s life is easy then he wouldn’t be as motivated to journey and discover.

Maybe I was kicked out of the house at age 16 for a reason. I think that pain alone has given more passion to my writing.

Yes, it is the black sheep, he whom you think was too stupid, too much of loser with no talent. That is usually the very person that gets the gold. When Eckxio was exiled from his village of elves, he was not sure what to do with his life. Eventually he found a calling and a purpose. Eckxio the ungifted elf is an extension of that pain I felt when I got kicked out of the house at age 16.

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the ungifted elf

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