Hollywood’s obsession with remakes and adaptions- Here is why

So for the last decade, me and some of my friends have been asking this question. Although for the movie industry it is beneficial, it makes artist out there wonder. Why doesn’t Hollywood make anything original? Or at least that much.

It is not new for Hollywood to make remakes and adaptions. Think of the movie “Around the world in 80 days.” The book was published in 1873 then became a movie in 1956. The creator of the film decided to make this movie because, he knew that he was going to make bank. However, it is not just about the money. Stay with me on this. making movies

Think about the old Marvel movies that were filmed in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. Not only were they terrible movies but to have the fans remember how badly they were is somewhat embarrassing. Watch the Captain American from the 1990’s and you will see what I mean. Remaking these films for the fans is a great idea because not only does the movie get another chance for the fans to like it but it also gives the new generation an opportunity to get to know the characters. The Spider Man movie was remade from its 2003 trilogy.

You see now the fans how more “demand power” where we can request for directors to remake something or turn our favorite novel, anime or comic book into a film. This is very promising for film studio because it assures that their movies will be a success.

Thanks to the internet, movie studios can listen to the fan. In fact, some studios actually chose actors that the fans want for certain characters. There is so much power in this and so much of the uncertainty is erase (not completely). But that is for film studios that actually listen to the fans of course. Think of the Dragon Ball Z movie that went to shite because the director the decided that he didnt like certain elements of DBZ. A total failure.

Now those are a couple of examples of remakes.

Books to movies

Although is not always a success, it is still somewhat promising. Think of the Hunger Games. Of course it had to be made into a movie, even if the fans thought it was a rip off of Battle Royal, it was so popular that it could not be ignored. Except for the last movie which was total shite. book to movie

The Harry Potter movies convinced many Hollywood directors that turning children’s books into movies would promise boats loads of cash. Just look at Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Then we have something like 50 Shades of Grey (which was a total failure). The books sold 125 million copies. That is a shite load for a romance novel.

Overall, any book that sells in the millions, has the great potential to become a film. Why? because it already has a fan base and some history  and long shelve life that gives the directors confidence.

The trouble with creating original movies.

Now don;t get me wrong. I believe that directors should be making more original work than remakes of old movies and adaptions of books, video games and all that. However, now a days studios are taking less of a risk with creating original fresh films. Because there is so much control and options with today’s technology and they now have the ability to get opinions directly from the fans, it has become risky to work on something that does not have a fan base or a strong following. 

M. Knight Shyamalan found the kid actor for the “Last Airbender” movie on the internet. It is the same thing with employment. Employers are now looking online to hire the right candidate and it is creepy enough to know that they will go as far as to look into your Facebook account and twitter profile just to know “what you are about.”


James Cameron made a couple of movies before he created his dream film, Avatar. He directed Terminator, Titanic and Alien. Most of these films already had a market and that was back then.

So lets say if you have a movie script done and you managed to somehow get it into the hands of a producer, there is some market research to be done. That is right my friends. Market research has to be done before the start of a new original film can be made. They must know the audience and if the audience will be able to relate to it in today’s fast moving technological world. So don’t be surprise if the producer does not like the name of your protagonist and the name of your fictional city and if he wants to change the magic system in your fictional world. This is very common. Just ask Guillermo Del Toro. This is why many film makes become independent. Is because they want control of their creativity and not have someone else dictate what will be good or bad.

But at the end of the day, we don’t really know what makes a best seller or a box office hitter.

Astro Boy was remade in 2009 with a budget of 60 million only to hit 40 million in the box office. Lets not forget that this is a cartoon that is remembered since before Disney. So why was it a failure. The world will never know my friends.

To sum it up

Is not that is all about the money but film studios want to stay in business and remakes of popular TV shows, books, video games, manga, anime and comic books gives them the confidence to work on a project that will bring home the dough. And after they start making money then they invest into a more risky film.

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