The most important characters in Game of Thrones

George RR Martin is know for his cold love of killing characters. My biggest question is why does he kill so many characters and the characters that he does not kill off such as meek little old Sansa, why does he keep her alive. So I though of the most important characters in Game Of Thrones that George refuses to kill off. Some characters can be hard to kill since they are in a position of power (unless they are found taking a shit). Interesting characters such as Oberyn are easy to kill off since they don’t really have tremendous effect on the plot. When Oberyn(oh so painfully) I thought NO! But then I was like “wait a minute, its not like the story daenerys_targaryen_660is going to go on a different direction with this one character’s death.”

So lets get started.

Deanerys Targeryon Stormborn: Well of course she is the most important character. I mean, she is Abraham Lincoln status. The dragon mama who freed the slaves. You cant beat that. That is like when President Obama announce that Bin Laden was dead after George Bush Started the war. Deanerys my queen and mother of dragons. She went from someone who did not know where she was heading to a queen of power and brought freedom. I remember when she first started in Season one of Game of thrones, her brother Viserys was willing to trade her so that he can have an army. Although she was forced into a marriage with Count Drogo, it made her more powerful.

Jon Snow: Seriously there has been so many time when he should have died but I think Jon has a very warm heart in Martin’s jon-snow-1024-1heart. No matter how cold Winterfell can be. “Winter is coming.” Those words have magic behind them. Jon is a bastard yet he is one of the greatest swordsmen of the north and close to Ned Stark. Everyone loves Jon Snow. When his girlfriend Ygritte almost killed him with two arrows. Seriously he should have been dead. But Martin Kept him alive. Why is that?

Tyrion Lannister:  The mind of the game. I think Tyrion is the mind of George RR Martin. I think Martin put a lot of his soul into Tyrion Lannister. George even said “I spend weeks thinking of very CS 65 Friday 22nd October 2010important lines for Tyrion unlike other characters.” I realize that the more important the character. The more important quotes he gives them. As much as I hate the bitch. Cerse has many important quotes and lines in the show. Tyrion has been in many situations where he should have met his death. He has been in two wars and in a prison, where he could have rolled down to his death. But Martin just couldn’t take the life of that lovable dwarf. Tyrion is my favorite character. I would stop watching Game Of Thrones if he dies. I swear I will. Not only that but Tyrion is the only one who stood up to the most hated villain in fiction, Joffrey Lannister. Tyrion never feared Joffrey. I think he is one of the few who will win this Game of Thrones and rule the seven kingdoms.

Sansa Stark.:  She somewhat of a dull character and meek. I dont think she has been kept alive because she is female or was a sansa starkprinces. When Joffrey was going to marry her, I thought either she would kill Joffrey or he would kill her. However as she spends more time with Little Finger, she has been getting more wiser. Maybe Martin just pities her because she is one of the last of the Stark. Then again Arya is also a Stark. Also Sansa does not have any memorable quotes.

Arya: Oh my sweet Arya. You are the daughter I want to have. She is brave and alone in the world. Sure the The hound saved her and protects her many times however, Arya does not complain and whine like Sansa. She is strong and cold and deadly. I love her.

Arya-Stark-arya-stark-31335129-700-466-640x426So that is it. Let us pray that Martin has a heart and keeps these characters alive long enough to till the end at least. Please dont kill Tyrion.

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