Interview with Fantasy Author Brian Rathbone- In the realm of Odealeous

brianToday we have Brian Rathbone in the world of Odealeous. He traveled through a portal from his fantasy world and in mine. Thank you for joining us Mr. Rathbone. I am so excited to have you here and sharing common interest. I met Mr. Rathbone on twitter in my early journey to become a bestselling fantasy author. He had given me some good advice and now I have the opportunity to interview him. So enough talk and lets gets started.
1. So first question. What inspired you to write fantasy? Every author has some sort of inspiration either from childhood or some real life influence. What was yours?
Hi , everybody! <waves>
I grew up in a fantasy world. That might be what started it. My family raised, trained and raced standardbred horses. My ventures into the real world were less than satisfactory. I never much liked reading. It was just a thing I had to do for school. And then I read A Wrinkle in Time. I was hooked. I read Tolkein, Dragonlance, Eddings, Brooks, Good kind, Salvatore and many more. I just knew I would someday write my own stories.
2. Tell us more about the world of Godsland and what can readers expect?
There are tales of magic, of ancients with skills and knowledge far surpassing their own but tales they had always been. Until now. Having been gone from the skies for thousands of years, a storm of comets returns, bringing with it gifts and burdens. Change is inescapable. Only when a teenage farm girl accidentally fulfills a prophecy whne trying to save her friend, do the people come to believe. Peace will be difficult to find.
The Godsland series is written for adults, but I do my best to avoid content unsuitable to young adults and even middle-grade readers. There is violence but graphic violence is minimized.
3. With the magic of CG technology, where do you see fantasy films heading?
What a magnificent opportunity and responsibility CG film making is. It seems anything can be visualized and suspension of disbelief become more complete. People can more fully enter your world…as long as the illusion isn’t broken. Those who do it well will amaze us. Those who do it poorly will make it harder for those who amaze us. Once you see the seams, it’s hard not to look for them. In the end, the fate will rest on the story. I also expect and hope to see continued creative use of practical effects.
4. Why do you think people read fantasy?
I would speculate to say fantasy readers tend to be deeply empathetic–they can almost become the character completely and feel those feeling as if their own. I also think fantasy readers are highly creative. Many don’t want to read about day to day events in the real world. Fantasy allows us to look at the world from a different perspective, and the creative mind gets to fill in the blanks. What fun!
5. Albert Einsteing spoke of parallel universes and dimensions. Do you think that in another realm, fantasy creatures such as unicorns and dragons exist?
The only thing of which I am truly convinced is that I am ignorant. Life is capable of so many things. I am not convinced they have not existed in this realm in the past, or might not exist in the future. I will assert this, though; if other dimensions are one then they are many and anything becomes
6. JK Rowling said that she uses her third eye to write her Harry Potter novels. How do you write fantasy?
I’ve done something similar though far less poetic. I used to write code for a living, which is a very intense mental process. If I didn’t consciously turn those thoughts off before bed, I would write and debug code in my sleep. Every once in a while I would figure out something important in my sleep, but most of the time it was exhausting. I always knew I wanted to write fantasy, so every night as I went to sleep for fifteen years, I thought about Godsland. My dreams have been a heck of a lot more fun ever since. It took nine novels for me to get most of it out. When I write the fourth trilogy in the Godsland series, I will complete the primary story arc. After that, it’s back to dreaming up something new. That will be neat.
7. Do you feel as though your characters have a lot in common with you?
Yes. No. Yes. Shhh, they’ll hear you.
8. What is your favorite fantasy movie or TV show thus far?
Rather than say something obvious like the original Star Wars or the Lord of the Rings trilogy, I’m going with my 1980’s it’s your birthday and you can watch anything you want pick: Krull.
9. Self publishing is becoming very flooded. How do you feel about the competition and the visibility in self publishing?
It’s a tough business and getting tougher. Those who succeed will have written a quality book and then figured out how to get in front of a great many people.
10. Do you cosplay or go larping at comic book conventions?
Dragon*Con 2015 will mark the first ever Godsland cosplay and photo shoot. My LARP permit has been revoked. Twice.
11. What is your favorite animal and why?
The cat sleeping on my foot just gave me ‘that look’. Uh…cats?
12. If you could challenge one celebrity to arm wrestle who would it be?
13. If you could be one fantasy creature (besides a dragon) what would it be?
Pegasus. I was going to say Unicorn, but Pegasus can fly, which is more fun that poking holes in stuff.
14. What words of encouragement would you give to people and authors who are just starting?
Don’t give up. Write a lot. Edit a lot. Network a lot. Season to taste and repeat. If you like more frequent encouragement and bad dragon jokes, I’m @brianrathbone on Twitter. It gets deep.
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