How J.K. Rowling opened an enormous door for fantasy authors.

I did not read all the Harry Potter books. I only read up until book 4(The Goblet of fire). I saw all the movies and learned about all the characters. Potter is an absolute master piece. Feel free to disagree with me friends. J.K. Rowling has always been an idol to me. Not only is she the first person in the world to make billions of dollars selling books but she opened an enormous doors for authors that write in her genre.

Let me explain. J.K. Rowling made it big with Potter however she also took a religious beating and public beating for “the boy who live.”┬áChurches riot against Rowling and her creation. They said that it was an abomination to children. Parents did not want their kids reading a book about wizards and witches. They said “magic is the devils work” and other BS. Somebody even tried to sue her claiming that Rowling had stolen the idea from someone else.

Rowling took all that beating for authors like our selves. If Rowling had never written Harry Potter than people would probably not be so into fantasy books. Elves, dragons, unicorns and all those wonderful mythical creatures. It began with Potter and then the genre exploded. Yes Lord of the Rings was written first but seriously speaking. It was because of Potter that people thought “hey its ok. Goblins, elves, unicorns and dragons are cool. This isn’t the work of the devil. Maybe we have been making a big deal about it all this time.”

Religion really takes the flavor out of life and the spice out of living.

I must say it is because of Rowling today that I have been inspire to write fantasy. Fantasy is now a cool thing in public thanks to Potter for making the genre more popular than it already was. Check out my fantasy novel Scarlet Quest click here.

Apparently Rowling will continue on with the Harry Potter series. She plans to expand the Potter world.

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