James Patterson NYT Ad- Why is a silly thing to say

I found out about this through the one and only man JR Konrath


Who will save our books?our Bookstores? Our Libraries?

“The federal government has stepped in to save banks, automobiles industry but where are they on the important  subject of books? Or if the answers  is state and local government where are they? Is any state doing anything? Why are there no impassioned editorials in influential newspapers or magazines? Who will save our books? Our libraries? Our Bookstores?

Put a sock on it Patterson. Boo Hoo. Now I have nothing against the guy. I think he is a great man and a great teacher. It seems like the only older author open to the idea of ebooks. James Patterson thinks that the poor wont be able to afford a kindle since bookstores and libraries are being taken down. If you ask me I think that is utter BS.

Yeah I will agree that bookstores have been closing as well libraries but that has nothing to do with the way people afford devices or their motivation to read. Let me tell you something. If people love to read romance then trust me, they will find a way to read a romance novel. Even if all the bookstores in USA close ( and ebooks stores online are left and prospering) They will get what they want. People always do. Much like people go to black friday with thousands of dollars buying TV’s, game consoles and numerous electronics in a “bad economy.”

Give me a break. Patterson revenues 94 million with his novels. He dominates bookstores and libraries. Hmmm is he scared that all these self published authors will put his him out of business. If he is so worry then why doesn’t he take 3 million out of those  94 million dollars that he has and donate to libraries and buy them e-readers. So who will save out bookstores and libraries. Ummm You can Mr. Patterson if you are so concern and the government wont pay much attention to it unless they too can profit.

So who will save our bookstores and libraries

If you ask me I believe that ebooks will. The problem is that many people dont want to embrace the new found technology because it frightens them. Did you know there is already 1,000 libraries that lend ebooks. Oh wow, you didnt know about that did ya. Yes these places exist. While all these other libraries and bookstores complain, there are more than a thousand libraries that lend ebooks. How? They develop their own system by following the trends and change in technology. The problem is ignorance and resistance to change.

I absolutely love ebooks and ereaders. I take my kindle every where I go. Why carry five novels in a heavy bag when I can carry fifty books in one device and change books at will. I believe that this technology is a blessing while other think that is a curse. Mr. Patterson is probably afraid of losing his revenue. Like I said if he is so worry then why doesn’t he invest into his complaints. You don’t see J.K. Rowling complaining. In fact Ms. Rowling likes the idea of the kindle fire, ipads and so on( I love her).

Now more than ever books are even more affordable and authors get better royalties than they us to by traditionally publishing. Its a win win.



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