JK Rowling-Fantasy beast and where to find them-Really?

article-2593025-1CB509B700000578-899_634x877I picked up the book when I was about twelve years old. It was suppose to be a school book that the students read in Hogwarts. Rowling wrote it as a way to help readers get a better feel of what the students in Hogwarts read. There is also a book on Quidditch and plants.
Now as much as I love those books, they were short and sweet and gave a lot of information about the wizarding world.

I swear that Rowling was going to produce a movie about the Hogwart houses. You know. Griffindoor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and slithering. I mean really. Of course each house has a history and even in the books, Rowling gave a few hints about the founders of Hogwarts. I think that would have made a better movie choice then “Fantasy beast and where to find them.”

I am sure the fans would agree but since I am a Harry Potter fan I will pay for my movie ticket when the movie comes out. I am sure that Potter fans were also asking for a movie about the founders of Hogwarts.

Then again, Rowling, I assume you know what you are doing. Perhaps there is an important character that she will reveal in the movie that is related to Harry. Who knows. Perhaps and most likely there will be more movies being made in the Harry Potter world. I mean the freaking saga has its own spot in Universal studio theme parks.

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