Kindle Unlimited Books – Bigger than most online libraries.

Amazon is really out to take over the world. Not only are they price friendly but now they have the biggest library of books available on the internet. Talk about smashing your competition in half. Amazon has sold more than ten million kindle device world wide. Lets not forget those who have downloaded the kindle app on their phones without buying a kindle tablet.

While its competitors in the book subscription business have 500,000 books in their library (both Oyster and Scribd). Amazon has 600,000 in their library including bestsellers as well as books from self published authors. This is great because now readers try books from indie authors without investing so much money before they buy more books from the author.

Amazon will be adding more books to their unlimited library. I mean for god sakes, its amazon. While some people criticize them for being greedy, my opinion is that, hey this is business and if you are going to play then make your opponent surrender. Soon enough those who oppose amazon will either join amazon (if you cant beat them join them).

Every one knows that amazon owns a good 60 percent of online sales for books. Not only that but they now have pre-ordering for new ebook releases. How cool is that. Honestly my money is on amazon. Say what you will about them but they focus on customer satisfaction even if it means taking a hit to the wallet. I value companies likes this over others like Comcast who care less about a customer and only think about the money they will make out of you.

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