What I Learned From Final Fantasy X (10) As A Fantasy Author

When I first played this RPG game in high school, I was blown away. 

It was like a pulse or pull mentality. This story lifted my soul. I felt like I was soaring out of my body and literally into another world. You might think that I am crazy for saying this but this is how I feel playing final fantasy. 

I get so into the game that even my own friends get creep out. 

Final Fantasy 10 is not just a story about boy trying to find his way back home, is also about life, death and religion. What it truly means to live.

final fantasy 10 tidus and yuna

Spoiler Aler!

If you are reading this I am going to assume that you have already played the game and know the story. 

So what is there to learn about Final Fantasy X that is related to the real world?

I am glad you asked.

Tidus. The main character, although he is clueless about many things, he is optimistic and an innovator. Tidus is a rule breaker and has high spirit. When his town was destroyed by sin and he found himself lost and alone in Spira, he was somewhat afraid and did not want to end up alone. 

What was shocking to Tidus was the HUGE difference between Spira and his home Zanarkand. Spira was very religious and the people within that world, their lives revolved around running away from “Sin,” the main villain which is in the form of a giant monster. The world of Spira was a Spiral of death. Sin brought death all throughout the world for hundreds of years the people of Spira fought Sin but only managed to steer it away. 

To Tidus this world was so strange. Tidus was from Zanarkand, a city of machine that never sleeps. Tidus was a blitzball player (a sport that looks like underwater soccer). He was always happy and you could that say he lived in luxury and a life free of pain. So when Tidus made the transition from Zanarkand to Spira it was difficult for him because he had never seen people living in such melancholy always running away from danger. He believed that we should all “chill,” and live from the heart (thank you Tidus).

Spira’s only hope is the summoners. After a summoner defeats Sin, the final summoning kills the summoner but then Spira gets ten years of peace without Sin. They call this the Calm. Then of course Sin comes back and the summoners once again begin their pilgrimage to defeat sin and the cycle continues. 

Now the whole idea behind the summoners is the religion of Yevon. The religion of Yevon teaches people that “if we atone for the sins of our past, then one day Sin will be gone.” Does that sound familiar. Much like how Christianity says “accept god as your savior, do as he says and you will be saved and guaranteed heaven after death.” 

Tidus could not get used to these teachings of Yevon, because they revolved around fear. Tidus knew that deep down this was not the way to live if you want to be happy.

Live in fear of god and you will be save.

Atone for our sins and one day Sin will be gone. (sounds familiar).

FinalFantasy 10 X yuna sending

Here is where the real lesson is. 

After one thousand years of summoners defeating Sin and following this cycle that the religion of Yevon had created it took one man from that never lived in Spira to come and say, “we can stop this cycle, it does not have to be this way.” 

It is because of Tidus that summoner Yuna (one of the main characters) was saved. Yuna had gone on a pilgrimage like all summoners in history had done. She journeyed to get the final summoning knowing that it would kill her. She was willing to sacrifice herself to bring the Calm. 

When Tidus and Yuna found out the truth about of the final summoning they refused. The final summoning required for one of her friends to be sacrificed so that the final summoning can be created. Yuna would not sacrifice any of her friends. She opposed the never ending cycle with Tidus and her friends that had journeyed with her. 

Without the final summoning, Tidus found a way to defeat sin. Instead of blindly following the teachings of some religion he decided to break the cycle and find a new way to defeat Sin and it turns out that his way was much more simpler than sacrificing summoners. There was ease in his solution.

The real world. 

How does this apply to the real world? Simple. Look all around you. The media, the news, religions and many other groups. Look at the people in your lives. 

Many of us are too afraid of following our own dreams and just go with whatever society tells us to do. Have you ever blindly followed what your religion tells you to do or what the media says? Have you ever done something because everyone else was doing it? Have you ever wanted to do something but were too afraid of standing out, afraid of what people thought of you? 

Many of us have great ideas but we are afraid to bring them to reality because we are afraid of what people will think about us. 

Think about college. The norm is to go to college even if it means taking out  a loan that is almost as large as a mortgage, so that then you can find a high paying job so that then you can pay for your school. So you are working to pay off your debt. Today we rely on our jobs more than we rely on each other. 

I am not saying dont go to college but to really look behind the curtain and really see what is happening.

The lesson in Final Fantasy 10 is ……think for yourself. Think outside the box. It does not have to be this way. If what you have been doing for a long time has not been working then try something different. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over (the summoners sacrificing themselves decade after decade). 

Only Tidus was able to see this when he learned how the people of Spira lived. The people in Spira were living with false hope. Ultimately Yuna saved the world but if it had not been for Tidus she would have still been listening to the teachings of Yevon, continued her pilgrimage and died at the end when in reality it could have all been different. 

Are you blindly following a system in your life? If so then ask your self, is this what I really want? Is there another way? 

That is all I have to say about Final Fantasy 10 (X)

Thank you for reading.

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