What I Learned From The Kingdom Hearts Story

Who would have thought that such a story would work? Square Enix of course. The RPG giant thought of this idea when one of their employees was in an elevator with a Disney director in Japan. 

That little elevator talk (which must had been less than a minute) was the birth of this magical story that till this day robs the heart of millions. I played Kingdom Hearts in high school when I was 15 years old. Now as I write this blog post I am 25 years of age. I still love the game is still my favorite game of all. 

kingdom-hearts-3The meaning behind Kingdom Hearts, its philosophy is more than a kids story. 

In this blog post we are going to dive deep in the hidden messages of Kingdom Hearts. 

So if you love this and its story then you are going to learn a lot from this post and will want to share it with your friends. 


Only in the darkness you will see the stars

The theme of the story is heart, friendship, love and finding your path. But lets look at this from a “real world,” point of view. 

What is the darkness?

What we fear and what we do not know. That which we cannot see, understand or feel. Ansem The Seeker Of Darkness said that that darkness is the heart’s true essence and I believe he is right. But hold on here before we go into a geeky argument or worst…a religious argument. 

Darkness is the heart’s true essence? Why? Because only in the darkness the heart truly grows. What does this mean? Without darkness we cannot find the light. How can you know what happiness is if you have never experienced sadness, depression, hopelessness and hate. These are considered dark emotions but without knowing what these are we never get to truly understand their counterparts. Happiness, love, joy and faith.

Sora and his friends were apart for a really long time. Two whole games that equal up to about 2 years ( if I am not mistaking.) Because they were apart for so long, their bonds grew stronger and they became closer. Sora and Riku fought and ultimately (in part 2) ended up together again back in destiny island. 

Riku was consumed by darkness and even turned evil for a while. However, he soon found himself alone (remember Castle Oblivion). Only King Mickey was at his side while Sora always had companions and allies. Because Riku abandon his island, “I am not afraid of the darkness,” he said, and left his friends behind to see new worlds he then realized that is not what he truly wanted. Sure, Riku saw other worlds, but still, he was alone, empty and didn’t even want to show his face to his friends. He was so embarrass of what he had become. However, in the end, he found his light after fighting Xemnas. 

King Micky also helped Riku find his light but he regretted submitting to darkness. Again, “only in the dark you will see the stars.”

Darkness is the heart’s true essence because that is how we find ourselves, that is how we find our light. We have to find a way to kindle that fire within us and see what we are really capable of. “The heart may be weak and sometimes it may even give in, but deep down there is a light that never give out.”

That is why Sora was chosen by the keyblade, because he always search for his light.

What do I mean by light? Integrity, honesty, courage, love, generosity, compassion and faith.

Even though we will be apart, our hearts will bring us together


Sora is always building bonds with people. Where ever he goes his heart is wide open. kingdom hearts

Sora is vulnerable. Yes he is vulnerable. That means he is willing get hurt. He lives with an open heart even if it hurts. For Sora every time he fought Riku it pained him, “he is my friend and we both want the same thing so why do we keep fighting,” he once said in Kingdom Hearts. 

In real life, that is how real relationships are built. I am not talking about platonic relationships where you are just with someone because “you have no one else,” or “you don’t want to be alone so they are the only choice.” To find true friends and true love we have to live like Sora, with an open heart even if it hurts. Not just that but to learn to forgive people. 

Sora forgave Riku for all he did. Learning to forgive people who have hurt you is the hardest thing ( at least it was for me). I myself had trouble forgiving people but it was the best thing I had ever learned. 

Forgiveness is very important, just ask Miyavi (Japanese rock star). 

Riku was alone most of the time because he had broken bonds with people. The only person he had was King Mickey. Most of what he did was by himself and the relationships he built (with the Disney villains, Maleficent) were shallow, only for the benefits. Ansem only wanted to use Riku as well as Maleficent.

Sora build bonds with people where ever he went. He always had friends.

The heart of all worlds. 

I also want to talk about the heartless and what they really mean. The Heartless, “those without hearts as long as you wield the Keyblade they will keep coming at you.” Meaning as long as you hold the key to the light those without hearts will try to take it from you so that you wont see the truth.

The Heartless are those without hearts meaning those who pollute the world, those who have sold their souls, Kingdom_Hearts'_those who have given in to darkness. Who are these people? Well, I am glad you asked. Drug dealers, illuminati, murderers, rapist, companies who product GMO foods, people who pollute mother nature, people who destroy our planet and don’t care what happens to it. The Heartless are those who live in a low vibration state of life. They don’t care about anything anyone but their selves. They have no consciousness and will kill someone without regretting it. The bully in your school is living in a Heartless state, he does not care if he hurts someone weaker than him. 

Those are the Heartless of the worlds and he who holds the Keyblade has the power to close the keyholes in every world and thus prevent further pollution. 

I am sure you fight Heartless everyday. You fight the Heartless with love and kindness. You love is your Keyblade so to speak. As I am writing this I am also learning too. I used to be an unhappy person. 

You can be a Keybalde chosen if you choose to find the light within you and prevent further destruction. 

The door to the light

At the end of the first Kingdom Hearts game, when Ansem is defeated and realizes that Kingdom Hearts is light, you can still see countless of heartless inside Kingdom Hearts. How can it have darkness within it yet shine like the heavens. 

As we said before, no darkness, no light. Darkness is the heart’s true essence. One can not exist without the kingdom_hearts_2_door_to_darknessother. Even in the creation of the world, scientist said that there was a big bang and thus the universe was created. This big bang created a light in nothingness (darkness) which then created a galaxy. 

One cannot exist without the other but know this, which ever one you feed will grow. Feed your darkness and it will grow with hate, anger, despair. Feed your light and it will grow with love, rapture and faith.

From within Kingdom Hearts, light shone regardless of its darkness. 

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