Legend of Korra Season 3 – Return of the dragons

Legend of Korra is back with season 3. Oh man. What is Nickelodeon without the Avatar series. I think that is the only thing keeping them in business. (Sorry Nick). Since the charming days of Aang to the sexy female Avatar Korra. I have always been a follower of this show. In fact I have six of the Avatar comic books and the Atlas of the three seasons of the last Airbender. Yes sue me I am a fan boy of the Avatar series ( Many confuse it with James Cameron’s Avatar).

But this one is going to be so much better. The story is going to be a super punch. There are so many things to be reveal in the show.

legend of korra gangKorra has lost her connections with her past life. Avatar Aang, Roku and all other avatars. She cannot communicate with them unless she is in the spirit world. This is going to be very challenging for her in times of need. WHY? Here is an Example: Remember when Korra lost her bending powers to Amon. Then the spirit of Aang came out of nowhere and healed her abilities again. Next time something like that happens, Korra will be on her own. So it will be very interesting to see what she is going to do?

Secondly, in season 3, the dragons are back. In the Last Airbender series, Aang and Zuko found the last dragons. However it seems someone was hiding the dragons, keeping them safe from the world for so long and it looks like the White Lotus has something to do with it. So the White Lotus could be the villains in this one. I think this is going to be the best part of the series.

Third, Korra can now energy bend. At the end of season 2, Korra turned into a giant…well….blue Korra. She followed the stream of the spirit world and I guess after that experience she now knew how to energy bend. Fucking awesome. THE LEGEND OF KORRA

We are also going to learn more about Beifong (Toph’s daughter) and Bumi (Aang’s non bender son). Honestly I care more about Beifong because she is a metal bender(Bumi is too dull for me).

I almost forgot to mention the spirit wilds. Yes now since the spirits are out of the “spirit worlds.” They are going to be living in the spirit wilds (those vines in the city). This means that there will be a lot of conflict between humans and spirits since Korra set them free.

Korra junkies, grab your popcorn and your cosplay stuff and get ready for another Korra journey.


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