Legend Of Korra Season 4 brought a tear to my eyes

Ok so the fourth season of Legend of Korra was really not that great in my opinion. It seems that after every season, Korra became weaker and weaker. I am not sure why the creators decided to go that way. Aang, was the last airbender so he had to rise and learn all four elements one by one.

When I first started watching the legend of Korra, she already knew three elements and I said “ok well that is cool.” I really miss that thrill of learning the elements one by one like Aang did. Korra seemed spoiled to me. The fact that she was not learning the elements but already knew them, removed a sense of adventure that I longed for in this show.

In season one Korra and her friends fought Amon, who had the ability to remove someone’s ability to bend the elements. That was really exciting because the element of danger was there and the thought of the Avatar losing her bending powers was scary. This was a really good season especially how Korra gained her airbending abilities at her most desperate moments.

the-legend-of-korraSeason 2 we had the first ever water bending villain. Now, water bending is certainly not my favorite but it is really cool. However, water benders just don’t make good villains (Sorry Michael Danteh Dimartino). That is the only thing that turn me off about season 2. However, the story it self was really good. Unalaq was a devious character which was really cool. Later on in season 3 we find out that he had some association with Zaheer. Unalaq did strip the Avatar of all her past connections. Which really sucked but was amazing to see. The best part about season 2 is that we got to see The very first Avatar (Wan) with the history of the lion turtles which was freaking incredible. This made me love the show even more. Then we had Unalaq merge with Vatu and become the dark Avatar. Season 2 revealed a lot about the world of the Avatar and the spirit world at the cost of Korra losing her connections with the past Avatars and being able to use super cool Avatar moves.

Season 3 the mother of all airbending villains came. Zaheer is the thug of all airbenders. What puzzles me is that he was not an original airbender but rather gained the ability after harmonic convergence. Although this is a kids show for Nickelodeon, the creators decided to add a very violent scene when Zaheer kills the earth queen by airbending the air out of her lungs. Although they did not show her dying he did confirm that he killed the earth queen. This is why I like Zaheer because in real life, bad people kill(not the best way to say it but what the heck). Not only but HE IS AN zaheer-flyingAIRBENDING VILLAIN. so rare, which makes me wonder, did the air nation ever had a villain among themselves. It is hard to believe because they are so peaceful. Zaheer was also very intelligent which is an airbending trait. I also love the fact that he was the only villain that was doing something for the greater good, a utilitarian. He wanted to kill all world leaders so that everyone can be free. There was a deep reason for his actions. Looks like airbenders make better villains then waterbenders. Finally, he planned to take out the Avatar by poisoning Korra then killing her. He was a real badass. Then came the Buddhist philosophy. “Let go of your earthy tether, empty and become wind.” When I saw him flying I said, holy shit. Literally the best freaking season ever of Korra and again in this season she became weaker and weaker.

Season 4 we have Kuvira. Now I love strong female characters but it seems like the creators love using females for action scenes. Most of the strongest characters were females after all. Toph, Beifong, Korra and Kuvira as the villain. All about girl power. However, this season was boring. First of all the beginning was horrible showing how weak Korra had become after three years. Not only that but if you are going to show how weak the main character is then at least help them become stronger throughout the season. When Korra met Toph in the swamp I thought that she was going to find a way to reconnect with her past Avatars. She did metalbended the poison out of her body but she still lost against Kuvira( got her ass wooped to be exact). The story with Kuvira moved slow and Korra did not grow as a character. The most important aspects of being the Avatar were ignored. The connection with her past lives were never regained and when ever she entered the Avatar state she did not do anything. It sucked. However, the ending o season 4 was awesome. When they fought the giant mecha suit I felt like I was watching a giant robot anime. It did not feel like I was watching Legend of korraKorra but in the end when Kuvira used that gun, Korra stopped it with her Avatar spirit thus opening a new portal to the spirit world. We also found out the motivation behind Kuvira’s actions. This gave me a teary eye because of how spiritual it was. Seriously. The season was not so great but the ending made up for the entire season at least. I still want to see Korra regain her connection to the past Avatars.

So that is my review for the Legend of Korra, I am not sure if there will be a fifth season but I sure hope so.

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