Logan Movie Review And Explanation

Hugh Jackman gave us the Wolverine. Now is time to depart. All things must come to an end and I must say it was a good way to end Hugh Jackman’s role as Wolverine. Some people will say that the ending was bad but I think it was the right way to end it. 

This has to be the most realistic X-men movie that has been made yet. The other movies were more for a younger audience (its all for the kids). Especially the “X-men Origin-Wolverine” Movie, which some people say it was horrible and I say it was good enough. You have to remember that this is the Hollywood Wolverine not the comic book Wolverine. 

The comic book Wolverine would be a short hairy dude with big muscles. However, Jackman was not a bad man for the role, dont you think. 


Like I said. All things must come to an end and how can someone who is basically immortal rest in peace. Being immortal is not easy and dare I say that god must lonely in his kingdom. I believe that the reason this story had to be told for such an amazing character was to set Logan free from suffering. Think about it. Logan does not die and throughout the years he has seen the people that he loved the most vanish from his life such as Jean. He watched many of his X-men brothers and sisters die. It would only make sense that what had made him stronger was the very thing that was killing him. The adamantium cloak over his skeleton. 

In the movie, Professor X apparently had a seizure that killed many of the mutants. Of course who else would survive but Logan. And so our good hero became detached and afraid to create bonds with people again. The man was so sad he had thought about putting an adamantium bullet in his brains and end his misery. Its only natural that one would be so melancholy after going through so much. 

So what is this movie really about?

It is about Logan’s legacy. Which is why Laura was brought to him. X-23. The Wolverine character is too popular and loved to just abandoned. Even in gigantic anime franchise such as Naruto, is hard to just let it go sometimes because of how close the people have become with the character. In the Naruto anime, his son, Boruto, would carry on Naruto’s legacy. In this movie Laura, X-23, would carry on Wolverine’s genes and thus metaphorically speaking keep him alive (Ahem….the claws). 

Wolverine first appear in 1974 in one of the Hulk’s comic issues. Ever since then he became a fan favorite. 

I am not saying that Laura will take Wolverine’s place but she will be something to remember him by. (as far as the movies go). 

Comic book realism

What I love about this movie is that it felt so real. Like someone’s real life story. I believe that the next X-men movies will be similar to this one. With as much realism as possible. The way Professor X and Logan were behaving with each other, the grumpy grandfather and the son who is sick of taking care of the old man. We finally get to see the real Wolverine in action. I say that because of how bloody the movie was and this is how Wolverine fights. He just digs his claws into his enemy and is not afraid to spill blood. In the first few X-men movies the directors were afraid of showing too much blood but now I think that is going to change. 

Logan’s wounds not healing up, one of his claws not coming out and him finally having white hair. Despite how much pain he was in it could easily be said that perhaps Logan feels more human than ever. 

The story was like a road trip with slice of life and classical American action movie with of course a lovable mutant. The movie was sad and strangely heart warming. 

That is all I have to say about the Logan movie. A.J. Martinez gives this movie….




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