For the love of anti-heroes

Anti heroes. I love the name. The way it sounds and its meaning. Dont get me wrong. I love heroes as much as anyone. However there comes a time when we want to try something else. Yes, I have been thinking about anti heroes for a long time now. The heroic figure get tiring after a while. The magic sword and the one destined to wield it. The orphan boy or farm boy destine for greatness. You know what I am talking about. It is time to turn things around. A revelation perhaps.

I searched for the definition of anti hero and here is what I found. a main character in a book, play, movie, etc., who does not have the usual good qualities that are expected in a hero. Do I hear Walter White. What was that? Breaking Bad.

I consider Captain Jack Sparrow and anti hero. We root for him but we know that he is a good for nothing drunk. An anti hero is a protagonist who aims to save the day with his negative qualities. In the movie “Public Enemy” with Jonny Debt, he was a bank robber. However everyone loved him.  In Kingdom Hearts, Riku is an anti hero for say. He wants what Sora wants but he intend to obtain it aggressively.

Anti hero cares about movie while the traditional hero thinks that movie is the root of all evil. The anti hero will save the princess stuck in the castle but before he rescues her he might have sex with her. The traditional hero will save her then give her a flower and hope the girl will like him back for saving her.

I like anti heroes. We love and hate them. They get what they want and save the day with a their arrogance. Such as Guts from the anime Berserk. I predict more films to be release with this archetype. I think breaking bad inspire a generation of Anti heroes. Thank you Walter White. Not that I encourage people to sell drugs. This is how genres evolve. Which I will talk about in the next blog post.

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